7 Million Kcal Hot Oil Heater in Finland Impregnated Paper Factory

April 26, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler is a professional industrial boiler exporter and has served many overseas customers during its more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and selling boilers. Recently, a customer from Finland contacted ZOZEN through the Internet needing to purchase a boiler to provide a stable heat source for the exhaust gas treatment system of the impregnation plant. Due to the new crown epidemic, the customer was unable to visit the production base of ZOZEN boiler plant on site. The ZOZEN team showed the actual scene of the boiler production base and various services for the customer in a comprehensive manner through live communication.

7 million kcal thermal oil heater exported Finland

7 million kcal thermal oil heater exported Finland

Dongwha Group’s impregnated paper manufacturing plant is responsible for the production of phenolic resin impregnated surface film and core paper, with 2 technologically advanced impregnation lines. The pulping process of impregnated paper generates a large amount of exhaust gas, which is very polluting. The Finnish impregnation plant introduced a complete RTO exhaust gas treatment system, the most important equipment being the boiler. According to the actual needs of the customer, ZOZEN recommended 7 million kcal hot oil heater for the Finland customer. Finally, under the whole offline zero contact situation, the strength demonstrated by ZOZEN boiler was fully recognized by Finland Donghua Company, and the two sides signed a contract for the 7 million kcal gas thermal oil heater.

Environmental-friendly and highly thermally efficient gas-fired thermal oil boilers produced by ZOZEN boilers. The boilers use thermal oil with greater heat capacity as the medium, and the system heats up uniformly at temperature, while the boilers are equipped with various safety detection devices and intelligent control systems to control the temperature within ±1℃, meeting the high requirements of Finnish Dong Hua for boiler performance.

After the contract was signed, ZOZEN Boiler Production Division immediately made the production plan and issued the task order. During the process, ZOZEN team also showed the whole manufacturing process of the boiler, from material removal, coil, assembly, hydraulic test, packaging, etc., to the customer in real time through photos, videos and live streaming, which made the customer very satisfied.

Live water pressure test to customers

Live water pressure test to customers

Through the form of online live broadcast, customers can visually see the manufacturing process of YQW series theric fluid heater, hydraulic pressure test as an important part of the boiler production process will directly affect the safety of the boiler. This boiler body insulation uses multi-layer aluminosilicate fiber filling, and then refractory mud insulation; the boiler high temperature parts at the front and rear end also use cost-effective refractory bricks for masonry, so that the temperature of all parts of the boiler are controlled below 70 ℃, effectively reducing heat loss.

ZOZEN Boiler is backed by strong strength, combined with advanced technology power, to create a combination of online and offline service model, thus meeting the boiler procurement needs of global users and providing the most suitable products for the development of each industry. If you are looking for boilers or interested in this impregnation plant project, welcome to consult online customers for project details.

Boiler Production Workshop

Customer Visiting