6 Ton Low-Nitrogen Gas Steam Boiler for Paper Mill

October 6, 2021
Available industries: Paper Mill
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:6 ton

6 ton gas boiler for paper mill

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The paper mill customer needed to purchase a boiler and contacted ZOZEN on the Internet. ZOZEN’s design engineers recommended a 6 ton gas-fired steam boiler for the customer based on the local environmental requirements and actual production needs. The boiler for this project is now officially in operation. According to the actual energy efficiency test and flue gas composition analysis, the natural gas required to produce 1 ton of steam is 56 cubic meters, and the customer is very satisfied with the operation results.

The WNS series fire tube boiler is easy to install, and the condenser and other equipment at the end of the boiler effectively increases the thermal efficiency to 98%. This fast-mounted boiler has been installed at the factory and can be put into operation when it arrives at the project site where the main needs to connect to water, electricity and other infrastructure, saving installation costs.

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