ASME Certified 3-ton Gas Steam Boiler for chemical industry

June 6, 2023

Available industries: Chemical Industry
Project boiler medium: Steam
Capacity:3 ton

ASME Certified 3-ton Gas Steam Boiler for chemical industry

       ZOZEN ASME Certified 3-ton Gas Steam Boiler for chemical industry


Dongwha Electrolyte is a subsidiary of Dongwha Corporation, aimed at expanding into the European market. To achieve this goal, the company has established a lithium-ion battery electrolyte production factory in Hungary. The construction of the factory has received an investment of 50 billion Korean won (approximately 40 million US dollars) and is capable of producing 20,000 tons of electrolyte materials annually. As a manufacturer of high-quality electrolyte materials, Dongwha Electrolyte has high requirements for production equipment. Therefore, they need to purchase gas boilers that meet the ASME standards.

In a previous project in FinlandDongwha Corporation used the boilers from ZOZEN Boiler. Due to the high-quality of their boilers and excellent after-sales services, Dongwha Corporation chose to work with ZOZEN Boiler again. ZOZEN Boiler is a professional boiler supplier with various international certifications and can provide customized boiler services and certification requirements in different countries and regions.

ZOZEN Boiler has provided Dongwha Electrolyte with a set of WNS series 3-ton gas steam boilers. This series of boilers has stable gas supply, high thermal efficiency, strong safety performance, and is highly favored by the lithium-ion battery industry. This boiler not only has excellent performance, but also provides Dongwha Electrolyte with continuous technical support and after-sales service to ensure that their production equipment is always in the best condition. Dongwha Electrolyte believes that through cooperation with ZOZEN Boiler, they will be able to produce higher quality electrolyte materials to meet customer needs and achieve greater success in the European market.

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