Food Factory 4 Ton Per Hour Gas Steam Boiler

December 2, 2022
Available industries: Food Factory
Project boiler medium: Steam
Capacity: 4 ton per hour
Equipment: WNS4-1.25-Q

food factory 4 ton fire tube steam boiler

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The 4 ton per hour food factory gas steam boiler is a ZOZEN WNS4-1.25-Q model, which is a packaged fire tube boiler with a rated working pressure of 12.5 bar and is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized production enterprises. ZOZEN’s WNS series gas boilers are equipped with a highly automated control system. The boilers are shipped fully assembled and can be put into operation after being transported to the project site and directly connected to external utilities, effectively saving installation time and costs.

WNS series 4 tons gas steam boiler is ZOZEN’s export hot-selling product, with energy-saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, beautiful and atmospheric shape and advanced structure. In the food industry, many famous food factories prefer ZOZEN as their industrial boiler supplier. The large capacity combustion chamber structure of this WNS series boiler ensures full combustion of fuel, while the sufficient steam storage space and multiple heating surfaces design make the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler as high as 98%. The advanced low nitrogen burner can effectively inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides, and the low nitrogen emission meets the requirements of environmental protection, which is effective for environmental protection and realizes the real green production for enterprises.

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