5 Ton Coal Fired Boiler

September 17, 2020

Coal-fired boilers are industrial equipment that use various types of coal as fuel and convert coal heat into steam or hot water. Coal-fired industrial boilers are the most core energy power equipment in early industrial production. Meanwhile, coal-fired industrial boilers are widely used in China and still play a particularly important role. 5 ton coal fired boiler are widely used in schools, textile factories, clothing factories, printing and dyeing factories, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, soybean products factories, meat products factories, canning plants, wine factories, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories, building materials factories, coating factories, natatorium and other enterprises and institutions.

DZL series coal fired boiler

DZL series 5 ton coal fired boiler

Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler company have coal-fired chain grate boiler and circulating fluidized bed boiler, stove treasure SZL series double drum longitudinal chain grate boiler, DZL series vertical single drum type chain grate boiler, SHX series of circulating fluidized bed boiler, DHX Angle of circulating fluidized bed boiler, DHL tubular chain grate boiler with SHL series double drum bulk chain grate boiler.

5 Ton SZL chain grate steam boiler adopts quick installation structure, which is convenient for users to install and use directly in the boiler room. Our 4 – 6 t/h coal-fired boiler is of quick-install water pipe structure, which is fully assembled in the factory before leaving the factory; 6 – 35 t/h is an assembly structure composed of two parts, the upper part is the body heating surface and the lower part is the combustion equipment. Users can choose boilers according to the actual needs of the project.


Performance advantage of SZL coal-fired boiler

  1. Membrane water-cooled wall structure is adopted on both sides of furnace chamber and burnout chamber. Membrane water-cooling wall structure is an independent and original design of our company, which has the advantages of large heat transfer coefficient, good conduction effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of furnace wall, no ash leakage and so on.
  2. The front and rear water-cooling wall pipes of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace to form front and rear arches, which are added on the basis of bulk boiler, and the radiation heating surface of the furnace is added on the basis of other unchanged heating area, with stronger overload capacity; The front and rear arches are made of water-wall pipes and poured with high aluminum cement, which avoids the problems of fracture and arch collapse of the original boiler three-line arch bricks caused by high temperature barbecue for a long time, and extends the service life of the boiler.
  3. SZL furnace arch design adopts the inverted “” furnace arch technology of” Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University “. The front arch is high and short, while the back arch is low and long, which increases the burnout time of flue gas in the furnace and improves the combustion efficiency.
  4. The length of front and rear shaft of the furnace is longer than that of the domestic similar products, which extends the combustion time of fuel in the furnace, makes the combustion of coal full, and reduces the carbon content of slag; The effective area of the grate is increased and the overload capacity of the boiler is obviously enhanced.
  5. Two sides of air inlet are adopted, and six independent air Chambers are set along the longitudinal direction of the grate. Each air chamber is equipped with independent air adjusting device, which can adjust the air volume of each air chamber respectively, so as to achieve the best regulation effect of combustion.


6tph packaged chain grate steam boiler

6tph packaged chain grate steam boiler

According to the environmental protection requirements of different regions, the boiler tail is equipped with different combination of dust removal, desulfurization and denitration facilities to effectively reduce NOx emission. ZOZEN will consider the actual needs of the products, and select DCS\PLC, variable frequency control of induced draft fan and other different control schemes respectively in the design of the control system, so as to save investment and reduce operating cost for customers on the premise of ensuring safety. If you want to know more details of our company or products, just feel free to contact us.

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