3 Ton Biomass Steam Boilers in Malaysia

November 5, 2020

Biomass steam boilers usually use biomass particles generated from secondary processing of agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, rice husks and sawdust as fuel. This fuel is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it is a renewable resource. The ash residue generated after combustion can be used as fertilizer again. Biomass boiler can be divided into biomass-fired steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot wind boiler, biomass heat conduction oil boiler, horizontal biomass boiler. In terms of boiler structure design, compared with the traditional boiler, the furnace space is larger, and the layout of secondary air is very reasonable, which is conducive to the instantaneous precipitation of a large number of volatile substances when the biomass fuel is fully burned.

3 ton biomass-fired boiler

3 ton biomass-fired boiler

When the biomass pellet fuel boiler burns, the fuel is sent into the furnace by a screw feeder.
Here, it is gradually preheating, drying, igniting and burning due to high temperature smoke and the main wind. In the process, large amounts of volatile matter precipitate out, and the combustion is intense. After the generated high-temperature flue gas washes the main heating surface of the boiler, it enters the economizer and air preheater on the heating surface of the tail of the boiler, then enters the dust collector, and finally passes into the atmospheric chimney. Ungasified fuel moves to the back of the grate until it burns off, and a small amount of ash falls into the slag eliminator behind the grate.

DZL series biomass boiler is a kind of horizontal 3-pass water tube boiler. The design uses high efficiency, energy saving and enhanced combustion technology to ensure full combustion of fuel. Even better, the volume of the furnace and combustion chamber is very large, which facilitates the combustion and settlement of fly ash. The dust separator at the exit smoke window achieves the purpose of boiler dust removal, reduces the emission of smoke, and achieves the goal of environmental protection law. ZOZEN Boilers developed DZL series steam boiler is suitable for industrial production of heat; disinfection requires a large amount of steam process.

biomass steam boiler manufacturer

biomass steam boiler manufacturer

3 ton SZL series biomass boiler is a double-boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler. According to the actual situation of the customer’s project production line, ZOZEN boiler has set up several independent air silos for the grate to reasonably distribute the wind according to the characteristics and combustion situation of different biomass fuels to ensure the burnout of biomass fuels. In terms of safety, in addition to the water level safety setting stipulated by the national standard, ZOZEN boiler also adds an extremely low water level electrode protection, which is interlocked with the drum and induced draft fan to ensure the water level safety of the boiler during operation. What’s more, SZL series biomass steam boiler has compact structure, convenient site installation, short cycle and low cost, which can reduce the construction cost for the customer’s company.

ZOZEN Boiler Is a professional biomass steam boilers manufacturer. Our Boiler products are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of each Boiler, ensure stable operation and reasonable price. We provide many customers with high quality boiler solutions and with more than 100 countries and regions to establish a friendly relationship of cooperation.

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