20tons Biomass-fired Boilers in Pakistan

January 19, 2021

20tons biomass-fired boilers is one of the more energy saving and environmental protection industrial boiler furnace types at present. The ash content after burning biomass fuel as a renewable resource can be used as agricultural organic fertilizer. The use cost of biomass boiler is indeed lower than some other boilers, and the DZL20-1.25-M biomass steam boiler is also the classic type of chain grate boiler.

20tons biomass-fired boilers

20tons biomass-fired boilers

ZOZEN production of 20 tons biomass boiler model with biomass fluidized bed boiler, rice husk, straw biomass boilers in bulk, fast assembly biomass boiler, biomass boiler, biomass power station boiler, industrial waste recycling, etc., each kind of model of partial focus is different, like the rice husk straw biomass power generation boiler, is a kind of using rice husk, straw, straw, bark, marginal waste as fuel, used for power generation of biomass boilers.

The body of 20 tons DZL biomass boiler adopts a single barrel longitudinal arrangement, which is a horizontal three-return chain grate quick loading boiler product. The structure of cyclone burnout chamber is designed in the furnace. The high-temperature flue gas can achieve the effect of first-level dust removal, energy saving and environmental protection through high-speed rotation, mixed combustion and dust separation. The furnace has a large volume and can be used for a variety of biomass fuels. The independent air chamber structure makes the air volume adjustment between the longitudinal air chamber sensitive and reliable, and the transverse air distribution is uniform, which overcomes the phenomenon of air plug, air channeling and partial burning. It has the advantages of large heating area, fast pressure boost, sufficient output and low energy consumption. It is a kind of furnace well received by customers at home and abroad.

SZL boiler is a double cylinder longitudinal type chain furnace, the double cylinder design of the furnace body makes this type of boiler has the advantages of large water capacity, large steam space, good steam quality and so on. The boiler has a large convection heating surface, which is stable and has certain overload operation ability. The boiler system has high automation level and perfect protection measures, such as automatic adjustment of water supply, alarm of high and low water level, overpressure protection, automatic protection of flameout, etc. The use of professional design ensures the smooth and safe operation of the boiler and provides convenient, efficient and safe service to customers.

SZL biomass-fired steam boiler

SZL biomass-fired steam boiler

Users are very concerned about the price of boilers. In fact, there is no specific quotation for any kind of boiler products. The brand, model, tonnage, pressure and auxiliary equipment of the boiler required by the production line of different industries are all factors affecting the price. If you are looking for a boiler, please let us know the basic requirements of the boiler. Our engineers will customize the boiler system solution and complete quotation according to the production characteristics.

As a professional biomass boilers manufacturer, ZOZEN can provide you with biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers and other different types of products. If you need to purchase 20 tons biomass boilers, please contact our online customer service for more information.

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