15 Ton Gas Fired Superheated Steam Boiler for Paper Industry

May 3, 2023
Available industries: Paper Industry
Project boiler medium: Steam
Capacity: 15 ton per hour
Equipment: SZS15-1.8/240-Q

15 ton natrial gas fired steam boiler

Well Mind Paper (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., produces household paper from commercial wood pulp, to provide heat energy for the production line, the company purchased a ZOZEN SZS series 15 ton gas fired superheated steam boiler.

The ZOZEN SZS series 15 ton gas fired superheated steam boiler is an ideal choice for the paper industry due to its high efficiency, clean combustion, automatic operation, space-saving design, and reliable performance. It has a high heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs, and features a low NOx burner for clean combustion, making it environmentally friendly. The advanced control systems allow for automatic operation, ensuring stable and reliable performance, and the compact design saves floor space. The gas fired steam boiler is designed and manufactured to the highest safety and regulatory standards, making it a reliable choice for steam production in the paper industry.

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