1400 KW Gas Thermal Oil Boiler in Chemical Plant

September 15, 2022

In the production process of polyester resin, industrial boiler as an essential heating equipment, directly affects the quality and yield of polyester resin. As a common chemical material, polyester resin is widely used in FRP and non-FRP products, and it is required to undergo chemical reactions under certain temperature conditions to be made. Singapore chemical plants have very strict requirements for production equipment, and ZOZEN boilers have successfully gained the attention of customers by virtue of their reputation in foreign markets. as an advanced and intelligent industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN’s production base has achieved 80% automatic production, which effectively reduces the errors generated by manual operation and ensures the quality of boiler products.

1400kw gas fired thermal oil heater

1400kw gas fired thermal oil heater

During the technical communication between ZOZEN engineers and the chemical plant customer, ZOZEN boiler recommended a gas boiler with heat transfer oil as the medium for the actual production characteristics of polyester resin and the lack of fresh water resources in Singapore. This gas-fired thermal oil boiler adopts the injection type forced circulation system, which can realize low-pressure and high-temperature heating, and the outlet temperature and flow rate are automatically regulated and protected, which can meet the different chemical reaction conditions of 160℃ and 70℃ in the production of polyester resin and meet the production needs of polyester resin.

This YQW series thermal oil boiler has high thermal efficiency, the medium is recycled, no condensation emission heat loss, while the waste heat recovery device at the tail, through the waste heat recovery of high temperature waste heat utilization, the comprehensive thermal efficiency can reach 95%. The boiler structure takes the whole assembly out of the field, and the import and export adopts the flange and flange cover structure at both ends, which is more convenient for installation, commissioning and use in the polyester resin production project.

yyqw series gas thermal fluid heater

yyqw series gas thermal fluid heater

The chemical plant customer finally purchased a yy(q)w-1400q model boiler with a capacity of 1400kw, rated working pressure of 0.8 MPa and using natural gas as fuel. At present, this 1400kw thermal oil boiler has been running successfully for a long time. The chemical plant customer said that this thermal oil boiler produced by ZOZEN is stable in operation, and its energy-saving and high-efficiency features are very obvious. What is praiseworthy is that ZOZEN boilers also thoughtfully removed the residual water from the boiler structure at the factory, effectively shortening the system exhaust time by 10 days. This cooperation is very successful and it is a firm confidence for ZOZEN boilers to step into the Singapore market, and also a recognition of ZOZEN boiler products.

ZOZEN, as a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer, has provided high-quality boiler products and comprehensive services to various industries such as chemical plants, food factories, dairies, oil and grease plants, feed mills, textile mills, paper mills, etc., and has won praise from customers at home and abroad. Whether you are interested in plant production or boiler products, please feel free to contact us through online inquiry and our engineers will provide you with more detailed information.

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