10 Ton Gas Steam Boiler for Feed Production

April 20, 2023
Available industries: Feed Production
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:10 ton per hour

10 ton 16 bar gas steam boiler in feed factory

ZOZEN recently supplied a 10 ton gas steam boiler to a feed factory in the Philippines. The customer had a high demand for steam production, and required a reliable and efficient heating solution to meet their needs. The customer, a feed factory in the Philippines, required a 10 ton steam boiler run with gas to meet their high demand for steam production. Industrial gas steam boiler was used in the feed manufacturing process to provide steam for various processes such as mixing, pelletizing, and drying. They required a heating solution that was reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Additionally, they wanted a boiler that was easy to maintain and had a long service life.

ZOZEN’s Solution:
ZOZEN customized 10 ton gas steam boiler for feed factory that met all of their requirements. The boiler was designed to be highly efficient, with a fuel-to-steam conversion rate of up to 98%. This meant that the customer would be able to get more heat from less fuel, resulting in lower operating costs.

Customer Feedback:
“This 10 ton steam boiler is reliable and efficient , we were impressed with ZOZEN’s product and service. ZOZEN’s customer service and after-sales support have been excellent, with a team of experts available to answer any questions or concerns. We believe that ZOZEN is a recommended industrial boiler brand in the industrial sector in Bangladesh.”

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