ZOZEN Thermal Oil Boiler Helps Enterprises to Speed Up Production

March 17, 2022

ZOZEN boilers are striving for perfection to build up the industry leader, to promote the development of renewable energy enterprises with innovative and energy-efficient quality products, and to promote the resourceful use of energy. Biodiesel is a typical green energy, in the case of coal resources shortage, non-renewable oil resources scarcity, biodiesel is undoubtedly one of the green energy with greater development potential.

Shanghai Zhongqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise designated by Shanghai Municipal Government to specialize in the disposal of kitchen waste grease to produce biodiesel. In the process of converting waste grease into biodiesel, the heat support provided by industrial boilers is essential. With the increase of waste grease recovery volume and further expansion of the production capacity of Zhongqi Environmental Protection, the introduction of high-quality industrial boiler equipment has become an urgent task. Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. has industry-leading quality products and services, and has won the favor of Zhongqi Environmental Protection with customized boiler solutions tailored to production needs.

thermal oil boiler commissioning site

thermal oil boiler commissioning site

ZOZEN boiler for Zhongqi Environmental Protection is YY(Q)W series oil-fired thermal oil boiler. This series boiler adopts three-return round coil structure with indented coil at the end of the coil, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler and ensures the high quality of the boiler. The boiler adopts split hot air type burner, which is safe, energy-saving and environmentally intelligent, effectively reducing NOx emission and realizing high-efficiency combustion, which is in line with the concept of green and high-efficiency development of Zhongqi Environmental Protection.

At the same time, this series of oil boiler also has the advantage of wide applicability of fuel. The fuel used in this project is light diesel oil, which, together with the sophisticated control system, can achieve fully automatic operation, with automatic adjustment and automatic protection of combustion, high tank hydraulic pressure, outlet temperature and flow rate, providing a guarantee for sustainable and stable production of Zhongqi Environmental Protection.

modern thermal oil production workshop of ZOZEN boiler

modern thermal oil production workshop of ZOZEN boiler

The ZOZEN YY(Q)W series oil fired themral oil heater system is shipped fully assembled after the overall acceptance, which is convenient for later installation, commissioning and use. The boiler can be put into operation after it is put in place at the site, and only needs to be connected to oil and electricity. At present, the project has completed the initial commissioning, and is ready for the production of biodiesel by Zhongqi Environmental Protection.

ZOZEN Boiler comprehensively promotes its own high-quality development and provides energy-saving and efficient boiler products and comprehensive services to customers. In the future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to practice the energy strategy of sustainable development, accurately grasp the actual needs of the renewable energy industry, and provide stable thermal energy for various industries with high-quality boiler products.

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