Why Should a Newly Boiler Need to Be Cleaned?

December 13, 2019

Why clean the newly horizontal boiler? The chemical cleaning of boiler is the necessary measure to make the inner surface of heating surface clean and prevent the accident caused by corrosion and scaling of heating surface. For the new boiler, before the start of the general should be carried out chemical cleaning, in order to remove equipment in the manufacturing, processing of the formation of high temperature oxidation rolling skin and silicon oxide skin, as well as in the storage, transportation, installation process produced by the corrosion products, welding slag and brought sediment, grease coating, pollutants.

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It has been proved by practice that if chemical cleaning is not carried out before the start of the newly built boiler, various impurities and attachments in the water and steam system will produce the following hazards after the boiler is put into operation:

(1) Directly impede the heat transfer of the tube wall or cause the generation of scale, so that the furnace tube metal overheating and damage, shorten the service life of the boiler

(2) Causes the boiler to corrode under the sediment during operation, which causes the furnace tube to become thinner and perforate, causing the tube to burst

(3) Debris and sediment are formed in the furnace water, which causes the furnace pipe to block or destroy the normal flow of steam and water

(4) The water quality indexes such as silicon content and iron content of furnace water are not qualified for a long time, which extends the start-up time of the unit and endangers the normal operation of the steam turbine.

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On the contrary, chemical cleaning before the start of the new boiler is not only conducive to the safe operation of the boiler, but also can improve the quality of water vapor in the start of the boiler, so that it can quickly reach the normal standard, thus greatly reducing the time from the start to the normal operation of the unit.


When the unit is put into operation, due to the solid brought into the boiler with the feed water, some insoluble matter deposition, if not removed in time, the sediment will accumulate in the furnace, this on the one hand affects the thermal efficiency of the boiler, on the other hand also affects the safe operation of the boiler, serious will occur in the boiler large area of burst tube. If a complete chemical water treatment is adopted and the pre-furnace system is cleaned before the new furnace is put into operation, the corrosion products in the pre-furnace system can be reduced to a small degree.

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