Top 10 Diesel Boiler Brands in Punjab Pakistan

March 3, 2020

Top 10 boiler brands in Pakistan, Punjab – ZOZEN Boilers!

Among the many textile companies in Pakistan, Kay & Emms (Pvt) Ltd. is a textile company with full industrial chain production capacity. Through vertical integration of factories, Kay & Emms’ business scope covers a wide range, from knitting and dyeing of fabric, Embroidery, cutting, splicing to complete the production and packaging of finished garments.


2020 ylw industrial boiler


In September last year, Kay & Emms re-signed a cooperation agreement on the YLW series of coal-fired heat-conducting oil boilers with ZOZEN. This also shows from the side that the product quality and service of ZOZEN have been recognized by Kay & Emms. YLW series boiler is a heat carrier boiler developed on the basis of a chain grate. It can be used as a high temperature heat source at various temperatures below 350 ° C, and is suitable for various working scenarios that require high temperature heating or drying.


YLW series boilers can realize high-temperature and low-pressure heating, and can also achieve accurate temperature control through advanced oil temperature and oil pressure control systems, which greatly improves the utilization rate of heat energy and meets the actual use needs of Kay & Emms. The boiler is divided into two parts: the base combustion device and the boiler body. After they have arrived in Pakistan, the staff at the local service office of ZOZEN boiler will assemble it on site, and then it can be put into operation by simply connecting the oil and electricity. The installation is convenient. & Emms saves a lot of installation costs.


2020 top 10 boiler


As a large-scale industrial boiler manufacturing company, ZOZEN boiler has four series of more than 400 models of boiler products. According to the different environmental protection requirements and use requirements in different places, we can tailor the user and choose the appropriate fuel and boiler system solution. In the future, ZOZEN boilers will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “technology as the core and quality assured” based on domestic and international markets, and move towards a new journey!

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