Steam Boiler Manufacturers in Pakistan

September 8, 2020

The application of steam boiler is very wide, all walks of life need to use steam place cannot leave the steam boiler. In the feed industry, in the process of producing feed, the feed raw materials need to be heated to make them ripe, which is easy for animals to digest and absorb, so the boiler is an essential heat source equipment in the feed processing industry.

As a developing country with rapid economic growth, Pakistan’s agriculture is the pillar industry of its economy, and its feed processing industry is also developing rapidly. In the face of growing market demand, Zubair Feeds feed factory has decided to expand production scale and purchase more efficient steam boiler system to ensure stable operation of feed line and high quality feed. In order to reduce the operating cost of the enterprise, Zubair Feeds feed factory decided to add rice husks into the coal as boiler fuel for mixed burning, which not only turned rice husks into waste products and promoted the recycling of biological resources, but also improved the economic benefits of the enterprise.

10 ton biomass fired steam boiler

10 ton biomass fired steam boiler

According to customers’ requirements, ZOZEN Boiler has customized SZL series steam boiler system suitable for Zubair’s actual production line. The thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than that of the conventional boiler system in the industry, realizing the efficient conversion of heat energy. At present, the steam boiler has been successfully arrived in Pakistan for installation. The whole process of installation is guided by the technicians of the ZOZEN boiler on site. With its strong strength and comprehensive services, ZOZEN has successfully established cooperation with Zubair Feeds feed mill and won high praise from customers.

SZL Series Steam and Hot Water Boiler

  1. SZL series double drum vertical chain furnace adopts quick installation or assembly structure.
  2. 4~6t/h is the structure of quick-loading water pipe, which leaves the factory after being fully assembled in the factory;
  3. 6~35t/h is composed of the upper and lower parts, the upper part is the body heating surface, and the lower part is the combustion equipment.

Around the front end of the boiler body for arrangement of water-cooled wall connected to the drum bottom connected to the header of the combustion chamber, to absorb the furnace radiant heat, backend arrangement between water drum on intensive convection tube bundle, high temperature flue gas after combustion after secondary return lateral erosion convection heating surface to separate arrangement of economizer, finally into the filter through the chimneys.

20 ton szl steam boiler

20 ton szl steam boiler

Advantages of SZL Biomass Boiler

  1. Wide adaptability of fuel: suitable for biomass molding particles, rice husks, wood chips, corn cob and wood chips, etc.
  2. Thermal efficiency above 88%: The thermal efficiency of the customized boiler system of ZOZEN is more than 5% higher than that of the conventional boiler system. A 10t/h SZL biomass boiler can save fuel cost of more than 500,000 yuan per year.
  3. Customized boiler system: ZOZEN boiler customized boiler system according to the actual needs of customers, to improve user benefits.
  4. Automatic control system: easy to maintain, ensure stable operation and save cost for you.


Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. founded in 1988, has been committed to the manufacturing and development of industrial boilers for the past 32 years. We holding a-class boiler manufacturing license, BR Ⅱ class pressure vessel manufacturing license, American ASME standard “S”, “U” seal and so on many international authentication. ZOZEN boiler has been highly appraised by domestic and foreign customers with its excellent product quality and professional service.

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