Sales of Gas Boilers in Bangladesh

June 9, 2023

Gas boilers have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh in recent years due to their energy efficiency and environmental benefits. The market for gas boilers in Bangladesh has been growing steadily, and there is a great potential for further expansion in the future.

In the past few years, the sales of gas boilers in Bangladesh have seen a significant increase. According to the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), the demand for gas boilers has increased by 15% annually over the last five years. The government of Bangladesh has set a target to increase the share of natural gas in the country’s energy mix from 70% to 80% by 2025. This will increase the availability of natural gas, which is the primary fuel for gas boilers, and create new opportunities for gas boiler manufacturers.

One of the key advantages of gas boilers in Bangladesh is their energy efficiency. Gas boilers are more efficient than other types of heating systems, which means that they can heat a space using less energy, which reduces energy bills and carbon emissions. Another advantage of gas boilers is their low maintenance requirements. Gas boilers require less maintenance than other types of boilers, which reduces the cost of ownership over the long term.

SZS series water tube boiler

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boiler

ZOZEN Boiler is one of the leading manufacturers of gas boilers in China, and their products are very popular in Bangladesh. The company’s gas boilers are known for their advanced manufacturing processes, which ensure high quality and reliability.

ZOZEN Boiler offers two types of gas boilers in Bangladesh: WNS and SZS. The WNS gas boiler is a horizontal fire tube boiler, and the SZS gas boiler is a water tube boiler. The WNS gas boiler is known for its compact design and high efficiency. The boiler has a large heating surface area, which allows it to heat a space quickly and efficiently. The SZS gas boiler, on the other hand, is known for its high capacity and excellent performance. The boiler has a large water capacity, which ensures stable and reliable operation.

In Bangladesh, ZOZEN Boiler has a strong presence in the gas boiler market. The company has a wide network of distributors and service centers across the country, which ensures timely and efficient support for its customers. ZOZEN Boiler’s gas boilers are widely used in various industries, including textile, food processing, and chemical.

In conclusion, the sales of gas boilers in Bangladesh have been growing steadily in recent years, and there is a great potential for further expansion in the future. Gas boilers offer several advantages over other types of heating systems, including energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. ZOZEN Boiler‘s WNS and SZS gas boilers are popular in Bangladesh, and the company has a strong presence in the market. With the increasing demand for energy-efficient heating solutions, the future of the gas boiler market in Bangladesh looks bright.

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