Rice Hull Boiler Supplier in Philippines

September 6, 2022

Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. is a Class A boiler manufacturer, specializing in the production of industrial boilers and rice husk boilers of various parameters. In more than thirty years of manufacturing, sales and project services, ZOZEN boilers have a strong design team, advanced manufacturing equipment and strict corporate quality management system, the production of biomass boilers of reliable quality, stable performance, reasonable boiler structure, high quality of steam produced, modern production lines and standardized inspection process to effectively ensure the quality and safety of boilers, users can rest assured that use.

ZOZEN biomass rice husk boiler is specially designed for biomass fuel with stable combustion, higher thermal efficiency and low maintenance rate. After conducting combustion tests on different types of biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, straw and rice husk, ZOZEN boiler engineers have fully grasped the combustion characteristics of the fuel and further optimized the arch and grate of the rice husk boiler in order to achieve higher energy efficiency and, at the same time, improve the boiler service life.

biomass rice hull fired boiler site

biomass rice hull fired boiler site

ZOZEN technicians effectively control the furnace chamber temperature and reduce NOx generation from the source by means of furnace chamber expansion and reasonable air supply arrangement. At the same time, ZOZEN boilers will also choose the appropriate dust removal, desulfurization and nitrogen removal devices to meet the environmental requirements while reducing investment costs as much as possible.

This 10 ton rice husk biomass boiler through structural optimization, the dust in the flue gas can be directly settled to the bottom of the convection area ash hopper, from the structure of the solution to the problem of ash accumulation in the convection area, no need to frequently stop the furnace to clear ash. At the same time, considering the small ash content of biomass, there is basically no ash layer on the grate after combustion, the grate is highly heated, and the grate material is made of high temperature resistant material, which improves the service life of the grate and meets the high requirements of boiler operation stability during industrial production and processing.

ZOZEN biomass boiler complete system configuration

ZOZEN biomass boiler complete system configuration

At present, the rice husk boiler series produced by ZOZEN includes four series of chain furnaces DZL, SZL, DHL and SHL, SHX and DHX series of biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers and ZZ series of power generation boilers, with a wide range of models with full parameters and single unit heat supply up to 2-110t/h, which can widely meet the heat demand of various enterprises’ production. In the food processing project, ZOZEN Boiler has customized a set of SZL series biomass boiler system solution for the customer.

As a successful boiler supplier in Philippines market, we value every friendly cooperation with overseas customers, not only to show the high quality of Made in China, but also to reflect the service standard of domestic boiler brands! Whether you want to know more about ZOZEN boiler plant, industrial boiler products or more boiler projects, please feel free to contact us through online inquiry, email, WhatsApp.

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