Oil Gas Water Tube Boiler for Central Heating

November 11, 2022

ZOZEN is a well-known industrial boiler equipment supplier in the industry, contributing its strength in the development of industrial production and environmental protection, providing companies with energy efficient, clean emission and stable operation industrial oil and gas boiler products. Among them, industrial boilers as a widely used power equipment in life production, need to constantly update technology so that the boiler can meet the development of the industry.

4 ton 16 bar oil gas fired boiler

4 ton 16 bar oil gas fired boiler

Outstanding performance and brand strength make ZOZEN the brand of choice in the central heating industry. The SZS series oil gas water tube boiler is one of the most popular furnace models, with high capacity and parameters, high thermal stability and low carbon and environmental protection, it is the designated furnace model for many large central heating projects.

In order to realize green heating, several ZOZEN gas boilers purchased by the customer have been running in the project. The SZS series steam boilers adopt energy-saving condensing equipment and use high-temperature flue gas to heat the boiler feed water, which not only reduces the exhaust loss, but also lowers the fuel usage. Meanwhile, the boiler adopts advanced low-NOx combustion technology, which can strictly control NOx emissions not exceeding 30mg/Nm³ and meet the strict emission standards.

industrial biogas fired water tube boiler

industrial biogas fired water tube boiler

ZOZEN oil gas boilers are widely used in many geographical and industrial production industries with the advantage of energy saving and emission reduction. ZOZEN boilers customize steam boiler system solutions according to the different steam requirements and emission needs in industry production, combining advanced combustion auxiliary engines and low-NOx combustion technology to reduce NOx emissions while carbon emissions are reduced, truly saving energy and protecting the environment.

As a boiler manufacturer focusing on industrial boiler field for more than thirty years, ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. integrates design, research and development, production, sales and after-sales, and is favored by many industrial customers with outstanding technical advantages, including textile, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, rubber, feed and other industries. For more project information and boiler product information, please feel free to contact us via online inquiry, email and WhatsApp, and ZOZEN engineers will provide you with professional consulting services according to your needs.

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