Oil Fired Boilers Price in Pakistan

October 20, 2020

With the popularization of environmental protection, oil fired boilers as a kind of clean and environment-friendly industrial boiler, is favored by many users. The boiler USES liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil and so on as fuel, adopts corrugated liner, micro positive pressure combustion, combustion control automation. The flue gas flow of the 6 ton oil-fired boiler is a three-return journey of the boiler shell. After the fuel oil (gas) is injected into the liner through the burner (atomization) for combustion, the flue gas enters the lower right and left smoke pipes through the return combustion chamber, moves forward to the front smoke box, folds into the upper smoke pipe, flows into the smoke box from front to back, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

WNS oil fired boiler

WNS oil fired boiler

In the process of purchasing industrial oil-fired boilers, users give priority to boiler price. As large industrial equipment, oil fired boiler price is affected by many factors. Types and parameters of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, such as rated steam capacity, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, feed water temperature and fuel used.


The Boiler Parameters

  1. Rated evaporation capacity refers to industrial boilers that produce steam per ton of water. Rated evaporation capacity of gas (oil) boiler is generally between 1-110 t/h, different output, gas boiler price is not the same.
  2. Rated steam pressure is different, the required technology, material, stress is not the same. The higher the steam pressure, the more expensive it is.
  3. Rated steam temperature is a factor that affects pressure, general pressure is high, temperature is also high, and so technology, material and other aspects of the requirements are more, so the price is expensive.
  4. Fuel oil and gas boiler fuel applicability is wide, can be applied such as crude oil, no. 0 diesel oil, heavy oil and other fuels, the use of different fuels, the configuration of the combustion machine is different, the price of boiler is also affected.


Oil Fired Boiler System Configuration

  1. Different users have different requirements for boiler configuration, such as some users need NOx emission less than 30mg/Nm3, some users only need less than 80mg/ Nm3, the better the auxiliary equipment configuration, the boiler price will naturally rise.
  2. Different users have different requirements for the configuration of the whole boiler system. The brand of the auxiliary engine and the number of auxiliary engines also affect the price. The better the brand, the more expensive the price.
SZS oil-fired steam boiler

SZS oil-fired steam boiler

Boiler Manufacturing Process

  1. The boiler manufacturing process determines the safety and efficiency of the product, and also directly affects the factory price of the boiler.
  2. The better the process, the higher the ex-factory price will be, but in the long run, the later fuel cost is lower, the maintenance cost is lower, and the service life is longer.


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