Mongolia Coal Fired Chain Grate Boiler Price

May 5, 2022

Coal-fired boiler price is usually a complete set of boiler system quotes, including the boiler body and auxiliary accessories, many factors will affect its final price, such as technical parameters, the brand of auxiliary equipment, transportation areas, after-sales service and installation costs and so on. So each customer’s different configuration needs will get different quotations for coal-fired boilers. When purchasing coal-fired chain grate boilers, the more important coal-fired boiler manufacturer’s qualification, strength, service, etc., not just the pursuit of cheap products.

coal fired boiler in juice production

coal fired boiler in juice production

The coal-fired boilers produced by ZOZEN boilers adopt different structures according to different furnace types to reduce heat loss and improve boiler thermal efficiency; the unique grate piece ensures smooth grate operation; the combustion air system (base) adopts independent bins and scientific sealing structure to achieve no air leakage and improve boiler room environment; the reasonable air regulating device achieves accurate air distribution, improves combustion and increases combustion efficiency. The thermal efficiency of coal-fired chain grate boilers can reach more than 82%; the thermal efficiency of coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boilers can reach more than 89%, and NOx emission is less than 100mg/Nm3.

Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC, a Mongolian juice producer, entered into a partnership with ZOZEN as a supplier of DZL series 2 ton coal-fired steam boilers. Through multi-faceted information collection, Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC developed a good market reputation for ZOZEN’s advanced boiler manufacturing process and high product quality, and contacted ZOZEN online. After an in-depth understanding of the actual situation of the production line, ZOZEN’s technicians recommended the DZL series coal-fired steam boiler with high fuel calorific value to Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC. They also upgraded the furnace arch and added a “Silicon 5” grate section with higher heat resistance to extend the life of the boiler.

coal steam boiler exported to Mongolia

coal steam boiler exported to Mongolia

ZOZEN DZL series coal-fired steam boiler has sufficient capacity, high thermal efficiency, compact packaging structure and low boiler room infrastructure cost. This type of boiler is a horizontal three-way water fire tube chain grate boiler. In the longitudinal single pot, the threaded flue tube constitutes the conventional heating surface, and the pot and the water-cooled wall on both sides constitute the radiation heating surface, so the boiler thermal efficiency can reach over 88%. Meanwhile, the boiler base is designed with independent air bins to keep the fuel on the grate in good combustion condition. The design of dampers can further ensure the full combustion of fuel and improve the utilization rate of fuel. In addition, the advanced electrical control realizes the stepless speed regulation of DZL series coal-fired boiler grate, and the limit parameter alarm and interlock protection function ensure the safe operation of the boiler system.

ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, and after more than thirty years of development, it enjoys a good reputation in the domestic market and is trusted and favored by customers in overseas markets. At present, ZOZEN provides high-quality industrial boiler products for various industries in more than 100 countries and regions, and has rich service experience in food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, heating industry, etc. ZOZEN uses live broadcast to show customers real production scenes, and customers can feel the strength of ZOZEN through the Internet.

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