LPG Boiler 2 Ton Per Hour Steam Capacity in Mongolia

January 31, 2023

Industrial LPG boilers are industrial steam boilers that use LPG as fuel. As an important heating equipment in industrial production, ZOZEN has provided many well-known manufacturers with highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas steam boiler products. The boilers operate stably and the highly automated control system effectively helps users save boiler operation and maintenance costs.

ZOZEN’s hot-selling WNS series gas fire tube boilers can reach a thermal efficiency of over 98% and NOx emissions can be as low as 30mg/Nm3. This boiler has a wide range of capacity, usually, 2 ton/h steam capacity LPG boiler is very suitable for the steam demand of small and medium-sized production lines, and the boiler adopts quick-assembly structure, which is easy to transport and install, effectively saving installation infrastructure costs.

ZOZEN lpg natural gas fired steam boiler

ZOZEN lpg natural gas fired steam boiler

Through continuous development, ZOZEN has become industrial gas boiler supplier to many industries, including food, dairy, construction, paper, heating, electronics, chemical and other industries. In addition to high quality products, ZOZEN also attaches great importance to boiler safety. More than twenty kinds of interlocking alarm devices enhance the operational safety of ZOZEN industrial gas boilers, and also reduce the difficulty of operation for the stoker.

ZOZEN’s WNS series gas-fired steam boilers are favored by various industries for their good steam quality and outstanding energy-saving and emission reduction effects. The boiler structure is optimized by the professional design team of ZOZEN boilers. It adopts horizontal internal combustion two-return wet-back structure and consists of main components such as corrugated furnace liner, threaded flue pipe, energy-saving condenser, burner, insulation and stainless steel outsourcing. According to the production characteristics of the food factory for the user to customize the food factory special 2 tons boiler, to ensure the steam production and quality used in sterilization, drying and other process links.

2 ton capacity gas fire tube boiler

2 ton capacity gas fire tube boiler

As a well-known industrial boiler brand, ZOZEN is experienced in projects in the food industry, and the customers we have worked with have high praise for ZOZEN’s services and products. Since ZOZEN was established more than 30 years ago, we have been making innovations and breakthroughs, and we have set up offices in many countries and regions to better serve local customers, so please feel free to contact us.

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