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September 14, 2023

Are you in need of a low-pressure boiler for your industrial or heating requirements? Look no further! A low-pressure boiler refers to a boiler with an export steam pressure not exceeding 2.5 MPa. In this article, we will explore the various types of low pressure boilers categorized by combustion mediums such as fuel oil, gas, coal, biomass. Additionally, we will delve into their wide range of applications.

Low pressure boilers are widely utilized across industries for applications ranging from steam heating systems to industrial processes. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of low-pressure boilers based on their combustion mediums:

Oil/Gas-fired Low Pressure Boiler: Ideal for efficient and clean combustion, fuel oil and gas boilers provide reliable heat generation for various industrial processes and heating systems.

ZOZEN 8-ton gas-fired low pressure boiler

                                   ZOZEN 8-ton gas-fired low pressure boiler

Now, let us introduce the exceptional WNS Series by ZOZEN Boiler. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, ZOZEN Boiler takes pride in our cutting-edge technology and commitment to customer satisfaction.

ZOZEN WNS Series (Thermal capacity: 1-20t/h; Working pressure: 0.7-2Mpa; Available fuel:Natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.), a range of oil and gas low-pressure boilers, offers outstanding performance and reliability. With parameters tailored to meet your specific needs, including steam capacity, pressure, and fuel options, the WNS Series ensures efficient and cost-effective operations.

The structure of the WNS Series is meticulously designed to optimize heat transfer and enhance combustion efficiency. Its advanced features include a large combustion chamber, corrugated furnace, and threaded smoke tubes, resulting in improved heat absorption and reduced energy consumption.

Furthermore, the WNS Series showcases ZOZEN Boiler’s dedication to advanced design principles. With an emphasis on safety, environmental sustainability, and user-friendly operation, these boilers are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems, precise temperature regulation, and automatic protection mechanisms.

Coal-fired Low Pressure Boiler: Known for their robustness and cost-effectiveness, coal boilers are commonly employed in power generation plants and industrial settings.

ZOZEN coal-fired chain grate boilers and coal-fired fluidized bed boilers mainly produce hot water, saturated steam or superheated steam for industrial use. Coal-fired boilers have lower operating costs-nearly 50% lower than boilers using oil or natural gas. Coupled with our proven high-efficiency, low-emission clean coal technology, our coal-fired boilers have the advantages of sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and wide coal adaptability without compromising safety and reliability.

Biomass-fired Low Pressure Boiler: Utilizing renewable energy sources, biomass boilers are environmentally friendly options that burn organic materials to produce heat, making them suitable for applications requiring sustainable energy solutions.

We cooperate with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to research, develop and manufacture biomass boilers that use wood chips, straws, palm shells, mesocarp fiber, rice husk and other wastes as fuels in order to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. After numerous tests and simulations, we have developed a reasonable structure of furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace heating surface that guarantees combustion efficiency and evaporation rate. NOx emissions of our biomass boilers can be as low as 100 mg/Nm3 with thermal efficiencies up to 88%.

When you choose ZOZEN Boiler, you benefit from a trusted partner with a large-scale operation, advanced production processes, and a commitment to excellence. Our experienced team ensures seamless installation, reliable performance, and comprehensive after-sales service, providing you with peace of mind throughout the boiler’s lifecycle.

For your low pressure boiler needs, the ZOZEN Boiler WNS Series stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

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