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October 6, 2020

Generally, industrial package steam boiler refers to those with a capacity of less than 6 tons, including water-tube boilers and fire-tube boilers. A boiler with a capacity of more than 6 tons and less than 35 tons is an assembly boiler, and a boiler with a capacity of more than 35 tons is a bulk boiler. Water-tube boiler is a boiler in which a mixture of water, steam, or soda is used as a heat conducting medium while the flame or smoke burns and flows outside the pipe. Water tube boiler has relatively small water capacity and higher requirements on automatic control and operation level. It is suitable for large and medium-sized factories and power plants.

25ton szl chain grate steam boiler

25ton szl chain grate steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial steam boilers and hot water boilers fueled by natural gas, petroleum, coal, solid waste, wood, biomass and thermal oil. Our industrial package steam boiler include WNS oil-fired or gas-fired complete set boiler, SZS gas-fired / oil-fired boiler, DZL chain grate boiler, SZL biomass oil-fired boiler, etc.


4~6t/h SZL series double boiler tube vertical chain grate water pipe steam and hot water boiler is the structure of quick installation water pipe, which is fully assembled in the factory and delivered to the project site of the customer. SZL series package coal fired boilers adopt vertical arrangement of double boiler barrel, and the combustion mode uses chain grate layer to burn. The water wall on both sides of furnace chamber adopts membrane water wall structure. The water-cooled wall pipes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace grate to form the front and rear arches, which not only increase the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increase the furnace volume and heating surface, and strengthen the strength of the rear arches. After the furnace for the combustion chamber, convection tube bundles, the tail of a economizer (or air preheater). The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, burnout chamber, convection tube bundle, economizer (or air preheater), and is discharged into the atmosphere through dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney.

zozen coal fired steam boiler

zozen coal fired steam boiler

Advantages of SZL Coal-fired Steam Boiler

  1. Wide adaptability of fuel: Bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite and other kinds of coal can be used.
  2. Customized boiler system: ZOZEN boiler customized feed system, flue gas treatment system at the end, boiler room layout plan, etc., to improve boiler efficiency and save boiler cost for users.
  3. Thermal efficiency is higher than similar products: The system customized by ZOZEN is more than 5% higher than the conventional system.
  4. High degree of automation: easy to maintain, less operation and maintenance personnel needed.
  5. Advanced control system: thorough analysis of user requirements and reasonable selection of boiler type.


ZOZEN industrial package boiler is widely used in central heating, textile mills, rice mills, paper mills, hospitals, hotels, enterprises, office buildings, steel industry, and chemical industry and so on. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, such as Australia, Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and so on.

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