Industrial Gas Steam Boilers for Sale

November 16, 2022

Industrial gas steam boilers are welcomed by users in various industries for their environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. ZOZEN can produce gas steam boilers from 1 ton to 110 ton capacity, and users can choose the right boiler capacity and boiler model according to the actual demand in production. Industrial gas steam boilers for sale include both fire tube boilers and water tube boilers, with a wide range of applications covering chemical, food, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, textile, feed and many other industries. ZOZEN boilers, as a famous brand in industrial boiler industry, with large production scale and advanced equipment, is a modern, large-scale and intelligent industrial boiler manufacturing enterprise.

industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

ZOZEN gas boilers are leading the industry in terms of product performance, environmental protection and manufacturing process, and have become the common choice of many enterprises with efficient and high-quality boiler systems. At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of the technology and safety performance of ZOZEN boilers, more and more enterprises will be able to use them with more confidence and peace of mind.

The 10 ton gas boilers currently running in the production line are safe and stable, and meet the environmental protection standards. The measured data in actual operation shows that the gas consumption of these gas boilers is only 600m3/h, which is a new industry record. To know, the gas consumption of the same type of boiler on the market is basically around 750m3/h, while the energy consumption of ZOZEN boiler’s gas boiler is reduced by 20%.

gas fired water tube boiler for sale

gas fired water tube boiler for sale

The two series of gas boilers, WNS and SZS, are industry benchmark energy-saving boiler products. Recently, ZOZEN boilers have caused some buzz in the industry because of the record low gas consumption of gas boilers. Industrial gas boilers are equipped with advanced low-NOx burners, which can easily achieve low emissions of NOx≤30mg/Nm3; and the boilers are shipped as a whole, after the boiler components are shipped to the site and put in place, only water, electricity, gas need to be connected before they can be put into operation, which greatly reduces the cost of boiler installation.

ZOZEN Boiler’s comprehensive capabilities have allowed us to produce overseas boilers that have stood the test of time and exceeded the expectations of our customers. ZOZEN’s online customers are always available to provide you with specialized consulting services.

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