Industrial Gas Boiler for Thailand Sugar Industry

October 3, 2022

In order to ensure the safe production of products in the food industry, steam boilers have become a necessary heating equipment for food manufacturing companies. As a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer in sugar industry, ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many food companies, among which WNS series gas steam boilers are most welcomed by customers.

The Thailand customer chose an industrial gas boiler made by ZOZEN, which is mainly used for the processes of juice extraction, purification, evaporation, crystallization, honey separation and drying. Sugar production belongs to food processing, and food is eventually consumed, so the quality and purity of the steam from the gas boiler in the food factory are extremely strict, and there are certain requirements for the auxiliary equipment configuration, such as the general use of stainless steel chimney or glass fiber reinforced plastic chimney, etc.

indsutrial gas fired steam boiler

indsutrial gas fired steam boiler

Sterilization using high-temperature steam is a common form of sterilization used in the food industry. In addition, steam also provides support for distillation, drying, maturation and other processes in food processing, which directly affects food quality and safety. At the same time, considering that steam boilers are high energy consumption equipment, users in the food industry not only need boiler equipment with high stability and thermal efficiency, but also pursue the service life of the boiler, thus reducing the purchase cost.

ZOZEN’s WNS series gas-fired steam boilers have a capacity range of 1-20 tons, meeting the steam volume needs of most food factories. The boilers are manufactured with mature technology, reasonable structure and complete system, featuring safety, high efficiency, energy saving and high degree of automation, which can help food industry users achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency. The boilers of this series are all delivered in one package, with small footprint, flexible and convenient installation and low cost, which are ideal for all types of food factories.

This gas fire tube boiler effectively improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler through the use of condensing technology. During operation, the natural gas is fully burned by the low-NOx burner and the resulting high-temperature flue gas passes through the corrugated furnace liner and the threaded flue pipe for efficient heat transfer, which enables the boiler to produce high thermal power and high-quality steam with high efficiency. In addition, the end of the boiler flue is equipped with a condensing energy-saving device, which again fully absorbs the waste heat in the exhaust gas, making the boiler thermal efficiency up to 98% or more.

condensing steam boiler natural gas fuel

condensing steam boiler natural gas fuel

As a long-term partner of the food industry, ZOZEN gas-fired steam boilers not only ensure the safety and hygiene of food processing, but also effectively enhance the production efficiency and inject sufficient steam energy for the green development of enterprises. ZOZEN boilers have a perfect service system and professional technical support, providing one-stop solutions from preliminary design to later installation and commissioning, and can provide food enterprise users with gas boiler products of exquisite craftsmanship and high quality, welcome to contact us at any time through online consultation.

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