Industrial Diesel Gas Boiler Price in Nepal

May 12, 2022

ZOZEN industrial diesel gas boiler price is reasonable and it fueled by natural gas, gas, light diesel oil, heavy oil, etc., with high combustion efficiency and low concentration of original emissions from the boilers, which have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Industrial diesel gas boilers include SZS type oil gas boilers, WNS type oil gas boilers, oil gas power station boilers and coke oven and blast furnace gas boilers and other series of products, providing customers with a variety of choices.

20t oil gas fired boiler

20t oil gas fired boiler

Chemical Plant 20 Ton Low-NOx Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

The customer’s chemical plant specializes in the production and supply of permanganates, chromium salts, new environmental protection materials and other products for the military, pharmaceutical, aerospace, water treatment, animal husbandry, textile, as well as semiconductor and electronic markets. From the perspective of environmental protection, the head of the chemical plant purchased ZOZEN’s SZS series low-NOx gas-fired steam boiler as the heating equipment for the production line, producing 20 tons of steam per hour to guarantee the product production process.

This 20 ton gas-fired steam boiler is equipped with an advanced low-NOx burner, which can be configured accordingly to the type of gas fuel used in the boiler. The boiler system is equipped with energy saver and condenser to effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler to over 98%. Meanwhile, this fully automatic gas boiler is equipped with an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate and easy to get used to. Together with the safety interlock device, it effectively improves the safety performance of the boiler and is favored by most chemical companies.

6tph light oil steam boiler

6tph light oil steam boiler

6 Ton WNS Series Two-Pass Steam Boiler Project

The customer needs a gas steam boiler to provide stable high temperature steam for the softening and rolling of the raw material bamboo in the construction of a biomass bamboo fiber project, so the quality and supply of steam produced by the steam boiler will have a direct impact on the bamboo fiber products. ZOZEN Boiler designed a set of two-way WNS series gas steam boiler with a capacity of 6 tons/hour according to the actual needs of the customer.

The structure of WNS series boilers is optimized, and the combustion chamber is designed with a large furnace chamber, with sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, together with ultra-low nitrogen burners, which can ensure full combustion of fuel, and at the same time effectively inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides from the source, so as to save energy and reduce emissions for enterprises and meet the requirements of local environmental protection policies.

On top of being equipped with energy saving and condenser, air preheater is also added. The principle of air preheater is that air is heated by using high temperature flue gas and then enters the furnace chamber to improve the combustion environment and strengthen the radiation heat transfer in the furnace. After multiple heat transfer, the flue gas temperature of ZOZEN gas steam boiler is reduced from about 180℃ to 60℃, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is increased to more than 98%, and the fuel saving is about 10%, which further improves the overall energy utilization rate.

Founded in 1988, ZOZEN boilers has more than 30 years of experience in industrial boiler design, manufacturing, sales and project services, holding the domestic Class A boiler manufacturing license and international general ASME certification, and is a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer in the industry, sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a total of more than 15,880 successful cases. With the development of technology, ZOZEN’s production base has reached 80% digital production, reducing the errors in each boiler manufacturing process and providing customers with high quality boiler products. If you are interested in ZOZEN, please feel free to contact us directly online, or through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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