Industrial Boilers for Textile Drying

September 28, 2022

Industrial steam boilers are widely used in various industries as an efficient heating production aid. In the textile industry, industrial boilers provide a large amount of steam for drying and shaping of textiles to soften, stiffen, prevent slippage, stretch and resin finishing of various dyeing materials to improve the feel, slip, color, width, strength and appearance of fabrics. It also includes the process of dyeing and printing, which also uses high temperature steam.

In general, the textile industry will more often choose gas steam boilers, and the fuel used in industrial boilers is determined by the production characteristics of the enterprise. For industrial production efficiency, boiler thermal efficiency and operational stability are factors to be considered in the process of purchasing boilers. ZOZEN produces gas boilers with high thermal efficiency and stable operation. At the same time, this boiler is equipped with a fully automatic control system, which can automatically adjust the combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure, effectively improving the safety of the boiler.

natural gas fire tube boiler

natural gas fire tube boiler

ZOZEN supplied a set of 2 tons industrial steam boiler for a cashmere product processing company. This 2,000 kg capacity fire tube boiler provides a large amount of high temperature steam for the process of ironing and shaping in the processing of cashmere products, a process that makes the cashmere products lighter, softer and softer. At present, this WNS series natural gas steam boiler is running very stably in the enterprise, and the operating cost and NOx emission of the boiler fully meet the customer’s requirements.

The WNS series gas boiler with high efficiency and low emission and easy operation has a good reputation in the textile printing and dyeing industry, and the strength and product quality of ZOZEN Boiler Company have been recognized by customers, making cashmere product companies choose ZOZEN as their steam boiler supplier. This gas-fired steam boiler adopts a horizontal internal combustion wet-back structure with an optional advanced low-NOx burner, which can control the NOx emission below 30mg/Nm3. Meanwhile, through the advanced boiler fully automatic control system, users can make the steam boiler system complete the operation of start/stop, load adjustment and automatic water feeding as required by just easy setting, which is not only easy to operate but also has various interlock protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the boiler system.

industrial gas fired steam boiler

industrial gas fired steam boiler

ZOZEN has been engaged in the industrial boiler industry for more than 30 years in R&D, manufacturing, sales and project services, and has accumulated rich experience in industry services. We can customize boiler system solutions according to the production characteristics of enterprises, and have project sites in many countries where customers can see ZOZEN boiler products at any time. At the same time, customers can watch the real ZOZEN production scene in the form of live video and feel the strength of ZOZEN. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us through online consultation.

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