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October 18, 2022

ZOZEN is a powerful industrial boiler manufacturing company, capable of producing more than 400 types of industrial boilers with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 110 tons, meeting the different needs of various small, medium and large enterprises. ZOZEN provides industrial steam boilers with excellent performance for various industrial production enterprises in paper industry, textile industry, food industry, chemical industry, etc.

10 ton gas-fired steam boiler centralized heating project

ZOZEN Boiler has customized a centralized heating boiler system for an agricultural products processing park to create a better production and operation environment for the enterprise. For centralized heating projects, stable heating effect as well as energy-saving and environment-friendly heating systems are necessary. ZOZEN Boiler’s fast-mounted 10 ton gas-fired steam boiler is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly star product. The entire boiler system is equipped with a full set of energy-saving equipment such as low-NOx burners and energy-saving condensers, which guarantees the boiler’s operating efficiency and effectively reduces boiler operating costs.

fire tube steam boiler for central heating

fire tube steam boiler for central heating

35 tons hydrogen natural gas mixed combustion steam boiler project

A large chemical company, mainly engaged in chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), ionic membrane caustic soda, hydrazine hydrate, ADC blowing agent and other products. The chemical plant purchased a 35 ton steam boiler for the chemical production line. The boiler was fueled by hydrogen, a by-product of the production line, to make full use of the hydrogen in production to effectively save fuel costs for the company. ZOZEN’s hydrogen-fired boilers are put into operation to consume the released hydrogen and output high quality steam. ZOZEN’s SZS series gas fired steam boiler adopts advanced dual-fuel burners, which can burn hydrogen alone or mix hydrogen and natural gas in proportion, solving the instability of hydrogen supply.

35 tons gas steam water tube boiler Nicaragua project

Tianhong Group has large industrial bases in Cambodia, Turkey, Mexico and Nicaragua. This time, the customer purchased a 35 ton gas steam boiler to supply steam and heat to the textile production base in Nicaragua. Based on the customer’s feedback about the limited lifting conditions at the Nicaraguan docks, ZOZEN’s design team customized the boiler’s transportation solution to address this difficult point by removing the refractory material from the boiler body and the outer packaging and transporting them separately, thus reducing some of the weight. At the same time, ZOZEN Boiler stationed engineers at the project site in Nicaragua to assist with the installation of the boiler, ensuring that the boiler could be put into operation within the project schedule.

35 tph oil gas fired steam boiler

35 tph oil gas fired steam boiler

So far, ZOZEN has 15,580 successful projects at home and abroad, with customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. ZOZEN’s boiler products and services are highly praised, ZOZEN is a trustworthy partner and a recommended boiler supplier. ZOZEN has 24-hour online consultation, you can easily contact us via email, WhatsApp, online consultation, etc. Our engineers will provide you with one-on-one boiler solutions.

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