Indonesia Steam Boiler 5 Ton per Hour Price

April 5, 2023

In industrial production, steam boiler is widely used as essential energy equipment. Indonesia is a large country with a rich coal resource, which plays an important role in the production of energy. But the Indonesia steam boiler 5 ton per hour price is affected by many factors, including boiler tonnage, boiler thermal efficiency, auxiliary equipment accessories, etc..

The 5 ton gas steam boiler price depends on the customer’s needs. Comparing a boiler price between different suppliers’ products, we must distinguish between the brand and the equipment itself. ZOZEN brand is recognized worldwide as a professional boiler supplier, ZOZEN Boiler team works closely with customers on the overseas market to collect market insight, adapt to the ever-changing market demand and provide the best products and efficient solutions for customers.

industiral oil gas fired steam boiler

industiral oil gas fired steam boiler

Industrial boilers are essential to various industrial production and storage needs. ZOZEN produces WNS series fuel oil gas boilers that have been well-received by Indonesian customers due to their exquisite technical configurations, advanced production processes, and reasonable prices.

The WNS series oil gas fired boiler produced by ZOZEN is a horizontal fire tube boiler, which adopts the imported burner to realize automatic control. It has the advantages of high efficiency, excellent performance, energy-saving and environmental protection. The fuel can use natural gas, propane, biogas, diesel oil, heavy oil or other fuels, which is more cost-effective adapting to the market price changes.

The WNS horizontal oil gas fired boiler produced by ZOZEN is a low-nitrogen condensing boiler. It is designed to adopt the intellectualized, modular, and systematic design to reduce the cycle time of the boiler installation and commissioning. The thermal efficiency rate is as high as 98% which can save a lot of energy costs for customers.

ZOZEN is a leader in producing high-quality and powerful boilers. The WNS series oil gas boilers produced by ZOZEN can be applied to all walks of life, whether it is industrial or civil use, and is favored by many international customers for its excellent performance and reasonable price. The products have passed certifications such as ASME and ISO, and they are exported to many regions and countries, covering Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. ZOZEN has successfully signed many turnkey projects in Indonesia, providing customers with a package solution, from boiler equipment to after-sales.

ZOZEN oil gas fuel horizontal fire tube boiler

ZOZEN oil gas fuel horizontal fire tube boiler

In conclusion, the 5 ton steam boiler price produced by ZOZEN WNS series boiler has a great price advantage compared with international boiler brands with the same quality. ZOZEN provides customers with high-quality boilers and services, resulting in good reputation in the international boiler market. The diversified product portfolio and international experience of ZOZEN offer reliable, high-quality steam requirements for Indonesian customers, helping customers stay competitive in this rapidly changing market. Contact us now through online chat service for more 5 ton boiler information.

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