Hot Selling Gas Fired Boiler in Feed Industry

September 8, 2022

The feed industry is developing rapidly and many small and medium-sized feed processing plants urgently need to expand their production lines to meet the changes in the market. ZOZEN, as a well-known industrial boiler brand, has cooperation with many foreign feed mills to provide energy-efficient industrial steam boiler systems. According to the different production characteristics of enterprises ZOZEN’s technical team will target the boiler for technical optimization and adjustment.

In the feed processing process in feed mills, steam boilers are working in concert with biaxial paddle mixers, grinders, vertical biaxial grinders, pelletizers, conveyors, packaging machines and so on. Due to the different varieties of feed, the production process will be slightly different, but the production process is generally through the crushing, sieving, mixing, mixing, tempering, extrusion, drying, cooling and finished product packaging and other stages, most of which the production process cannot be separated from the support of high-temperature steam heat source.

2 tph natural gas fire tube boiler

2 tph natural gas fire tube boiler

In the tempering process, the performance of the steam boiler has very high requirements, which will directly affect the quality of feed pellets. The gas steam boiler produced by ZOZEN can realize intelligent temperature and pressure control through advanced control system, and can adjust the temperature and pressure according to the different processing needs of feed to meet the various needs of different enterprises.

After the feed mill customer contacted ZOZEN Boiler Factory through the Internet, he provided specific parameters for the 2 ton gas boiler needed. 2 tons of steam per hour are required in the feed making process, and the saturated steam pressure is between 0.35~0.45 MPa. ZOZEN engineers recommended the condensing fire tube boiler for the customer, using natural gas as fuel. This WNS series quick-fit fire-tube boiler is the star product of ZOZEN, with high automation, stable operation, high thermal efficiency and small footprint, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized feed mills.

oil gas fired steam boiler

oil gas fired steam boiler

The products and services of ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. have been well received by many customers in foreign markets. Among them, Zubair Feeds feed mill in Pakistan, New Hope Sixth Branch in Central Java, Indonesia, and RRP Agro Farm’s in Bangladesh have coincidentally chosen ZOZEN boilers with excellent quality and comprehensive service to provide reliable heat source guarantee for feed production. ZOZEN boilers have been insisting on continuous upgrading and transformation with the technical requirements of the industry to produce steam boilers that meet the characteristics of the feed industry and contribute to the energy saving and consumption reduction of major enterprises. Contact us now for more information about our boiler products, projects and ZOZEN Boiler Company via online inquiry, email or WhatsApp.

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