Horizontal Oil Fired Boiler in Pakistan

December 3, 2020

Horizontal oil fired boiler is an industrial boiler which uses liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil and light oil as fuel. Due to the large pollution, ordinary coal-fired boilers have been replaced by more environmentally friendly products. Oil-fired boilers have been more widely used due to the cleaner fuel and less emission pollution. At present, oil-fired boilers are playing an increasingly important role in some small and medium-sized production lines.

2 ton oil fired steam boiler

2 ton oil fired steam boiler

ZOZEN’s WNS series oil-fired boilers and SZS series oil-fired boilers have high thermal efficiency and full capacity. These two series of boiler products are also dual-use oil and gas products, fuel is also natural gas, biogas, blast furnace gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, light oil, etc., can be adjusted according to the actual use needs of customers.

Now the demand for oil fired boiler is increasing day by day, so what should we know when purchasing boiler products? Industrial boilers are basically steam boilers used for production or power generation and hot water boilers used for heating. Such large boilers require more detailed and accurate parameters, such as boiler type, tonnage, pressure, use occasions and so on. Because the industrial boiler belongs to special equipment, the general volume is large; it needs professional technicians to design the boiler system scheme according to the actual demand.

So about the boiler price are also customers in the purchase of boilers when more concerned about the problem, in fact, different types of boilers in the price is not the same nature. In addition to the boiler price, the operating cost of the boiler also needs to be noted. For example, in terms of fuel consumption, it is mainly the thermal efficiency of the boiler itself and the calorific value of the fuel. Generally, the calorific value of the fuel is relatively high. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN boiler plant has reached more than 98%, which can effectively help customers reduce the operating cost of the boiler, and the emission of the boiler can meet the national environmental protection standards.

WNS series boilers have a tonnage of 1-20 tons, and SZS series boilers have a tonnage of 20-110 tons, and can be used simultaneously with oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. Generally rated steam in 1.0MPA, 1.25MPA or 1.6MPA or so, can use gas, light oil, heavy oil and so on. General oil-fired boilers consume about 66 litres of fuel per ton per hour, while gas-fired boilers consume about 65-75 cubic meters per ton per hour.

2 ton condensing oil fired boiler

2 ton condensing oil fired boiler

ZOZEN WNS series oil steam boiler adopts full corrugated furnace tank design and threaded smoke pipe independently designed and developed by ZOZEN, which effectively improves the heat transfer efficiency. With the boiler energy saving condenser, the boiler thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%. In addition, this boiler adopts advanced low nitrogen combustion technology to achieve ultra-low emission of NOx, so that NOx content in the exhaust smoke is less than 30mg/Nm3. It is worth mentioning that THE WNS series gas-fired steam boiler of ZOZEN is equipped with automatic control system, which can realize automatic safe operation and save a lot of manpower and operation cost for the comprehensive utilization of nonferrous metal waste residue resources.

If you are looking for oil-fired boilers, you can contact the online customer service staff for more detailed information. Our engineers will customize the boiler system, parameters and quotation according to your actual needs.

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