Horizontal Coal Thermic Fluid Heater Supplier in Indonesia

January 13, 2021

Thermal oil boiler room uses circulating oil pump to force liquid phase circulation to transfer heat energy to the heating equipment and then return to the heating equipment for reheating. Thermal oil has been used as intermediate heat transfer medium in industrial heating process for more than 50 years. Horizontal coal thermic fluid heater is a boiler product which uses coal as fuel and heat conduction oil as medium. It has the advantages of high working temperature under low pressure and high precision control of medium operation.

9000000 kcal coal thermic fluid heater

9000000 kcal coal thermic fluid heater

Coal-fired thermic fluid heater used in petroleum chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, plastics and rubber industry, as papermaking industry, oil industry, synthetic fiber industry, wood industry of plywood, fiberboard hot pressing molding, dry all the year round, steaming building materials industry of mineral wool board processing, plasterboard drying, asphalt heating, candy processing, glazed date processing, dry noodles drying, food industry, biscuit baking, cooking oil and beverage drying, paint below 350 degrees Celsius heat supply, food processing, wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, dehydrated vegetables, the lacquer that bake, casting sand mold drying, etc. Usually use kilowatt/hour or million kcal/hour for the capacity unit.

Vietnam Deli Co., Ltd. needs to consume a large amount of steam in the garment production process, so the requirements for boiler equipment are relatively high. Among many heat conduction oil boiler plants, Deli Co., Ltd. purchased two sets of YLW-19000MA from Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler. YLW series thermic fluid heaters are heat carrier boilers developed on the basis of chain grate, which can be used as high temperature heat source of various temperatures below 350℃ for textile enterprises to realize high temperature and low pressure heating for dyeing, drying, sipping, printing and dyeing processes.

In view of the characteristics of the production line of textile industry enterprises, ZOZEN engineers have improved and optimized the design of grate and furnace arch in the boiler base part, and installed multiple independent air bins and air control doors to achieve uniform and full combustion of coal and improve fuel efficiency. In the part of the boiler body, ZOZEN boiler uses high quality insulation materials and special construction technology to reduce heat loss as far as possible; at the same time, the advanced structure is adopted to optimize the radiation heating surface and reduce the formation and emission of flue gas dust in the combustion chamber. In addition, the installation of effective dust removal structure facilitates the maintenance, operation and cleaning of the boiler.

ylw coal-fired thermal oil boiler

ylw coal-fired thermal oil boiler

In the use of high temperature heat conduction oil furnace should be carefully checked, strictly prevent water, acid, alkali and low boiling point material leakage into the use of the system, and add a filter device to prevent mechanical debris into the system, to ensure the purity of oil. High temperature heat conduction oil is suitable for coal burning, gas and oil heating furnace as the carrier, electric heating reaction kettle and other heating equipment, should be equipped with expansion tank and oil storage tank and other safety components and temperature control instrument and other supporting facilities, to ensure safe operation. When the heating system is replaced with new heat conduction oil, a cleaning agent must be used to clean the pipeline to eliminate sundries on the inner wall so as not to affect the heat transfer efficiency and service life of the heat conduction oil.

When the heat conducting oil is put into use, the circulating oil pump should be started for half an hour before it is ignited and heated. When it is used for the first time, it should be heated slowly about 20℃ per hour. When the temperature rises to about 130℃, it should be kept warm for a period of time, and when the temperature rises to 180℃ ~ 200℃, it can be put into normal use after a period of heat preservation. Please contact us for more details.

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