Highly Automatic Oil Fired Boiler Price

April 27, 2022

The oil fired boiler has highly automatic control system, equipped with a number of safety protection devices, water shortage protection, overpressure protection, flameout protection, abnormal pressure protection, flue overtemperature protection; structure using high technology, it has a compact structure, easy to transport easy to install, easy to operate, automatic adjustment, pressurization of fuel to atomization, micro positive pressure combustion to make its natural fuel burn more fully, reduce the loss of fuel and gas It is the most convenient, energy-saving and environment-friendly product for modern industrial steam.

WNS series oil-fired fire tube boilers have compact structure, safety and reliability, easy operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency, etc. They are widely used in enterprises, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, civil buildings and other facilities for industrial steam and domestic and heating. Oil-fired boilers use glass wool as through-body insulation, with light weight, good heat insulation and low heat loss.

15t oil fuel fire tube boiler

15t oil fuel fire tube boiler

Export to Dominican Republic 15 ton three-pass oil fired steam boiler

Medical gloves and protective clothing are the primary form of protection for healthcare workers. As an important supporting equipment in the production process of gloves and protective clothing, industrial boilers provide sufficient heat source to guarantee the production of medical substances. Ansell is a leading global provider of safety and protection products and services, providing protection for people and creating a safer and protected world. This time, the company’s production site in the Dominican Republic needed to purchase 15tph industrial steam boiler as important supporting equipment, to choose outstanding performance and quality boiler products, the customer contacted ZOZEN through the Internet, and ZOZEN’s production strength, rich experience in serving various industries, and comprehensive and timely service won this cooperation.

The WNS series oil fired steam boilers produced by ZOZEN are three-pass horizontal internal combustion fire tube boilers, which not only have compact structure, but also high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption, and have strong market competitiveness. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the quality of boilers, ZOZEN Boiler adopts the manufacturing process of expanding before welding for the tube plates of WNS series oil-fired boilers, and establishes the expansion point as a stopping point, which is inspected before entering the next welding process to ensure zero gap between the tube holes and the outer wall of the tubes. In addition, the expansion force is automatically controlled to ensure that the expansion is uniform and not over-expanded. In the whole manufacturing process of ZOZEN boiler, there are seven process stopping points like this, which are guarded by seven different responsible teachers, and the strict and perfect quality management system ensures that each factory boiler has the best quality, which is approved by Ansell.

WNS seires oil gas boiler

WNS seires oil gas boiler

The oil fired boiler price is a very strict matter for ZOZEN boiler factory, industrial boilers as customized models, used in different production lines are different boilers, so the boiler price is naturally not fixed. ZOZEN as a well-known brand of boilers, boiler product quality is guaranteed to help enterprises better development. ZOZEN can produce oil boilers including 1 ton – 20 tons WNS series fire tube boilers and 20 ton – 110 ton SZS series water tube boilers, covering most of the user needs, according to the user’s specific needs to recommend, email, WhatsApp, online customer service can be directly contacted ZOZEN’s engineers.

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