High Efficiency 3 Tons Gas Steam Boiler for Food Industry

January 29, 2021
Available industries: Food Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:3 Tons

3 ton gas steam boiler for food factory

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Case Introduction

Sterilization and disinfection of food is a very important link in the whole production process, which needs to use a lot of steam. The food factory chooses the efficient 3 ton gas steam boiler made by ZOZEN as the stable heating equipment. In response to the actual usage of the food plant’s production line, ZOZEN Boiler customizes the entire WNS series gas steam boiler system. Boiler body for the dual structure, using corrugated furnace and high efficiency heat transfer element threaded pipe, effectively increase the heating surface, improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler. In addition, energy saving devices such as energy saving device and condenser are installed at the end of the flue gas pipe, which can reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 60℃ and increase the boiler thermal efficiency to more than 98%. In general, ZOZEN WNS series gas steam boiler has the characteristics of high quality, high output and high steam quality, which has won the favor of many food enterprises.

3 ton WNS gas boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, easy operation, safe and reliable operation. It is an ideal green environmental protection product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution. It plays a very important role in the application field of thermal equipment. In the process of purchasing boiler, users pay more attention to the price of 3 tons of gas steam boiler, in fact, as a special industrial equipment, the price of each boiler is not fixed, boiler, tonnage, using industry brand, equipped with auxiliary engine are all factors that affect the price, the user can use the actual requirements and parameters provided each boiler factory for detailed quotation.

3tons gas oil boiler

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Customer Feedback

The food sterilization process is very important to our food production enterprises, which is the key to ensuring food safety. The quantity and quality of steam produced by the ZOZEN WNS series steam boilers are fully capable of meeting our requirements. In addition, the boiler has high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can save a lot of production costs for us.

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