Factory Price 4 Ton Steam 150 psi Coal Steam Boiler

May 30, 2022

ZOZEN factory price 4 ton steam 150 psi coal steam boiler with light chain belt grate, high degree of automation, equipped with dust removal equipment, less environmental pollution, with good comprehensive economic and technical indicators, received the praise of customers in various industries such as textile mills, chemical plants, etc. DZL series of fast-mounted chain grate boiler is a single pot longitudinal arrangement, the pot is arranged with a single return threaded flue pipe, the left and right sides of the furnace chamber is equipped with light pipe Water-cooled wall, part of the rising tube is pulled to the furnace chamber to form the roof, the bottom of the pot barrel is hung with refractory bricks, which does not accept the radiation of high temperature flame, and there are two symmetrical convection flues under both sides of the pot barrel, ZOZEN completely solves the drawback of tearing the weld seam caused by the heat rise and cold shrinkage of the pot barrel and the collector box through special design in the manufacturing process.

4000kg dzl coal boiler

4000kg dzl coal boiler

The 4000kg  package coal-fired boiler is arranged with water-cooled walls on both sides to form the furnace chamber and convection flue, a single-return threaded flue pipe in the pot, and a cast-iron coal economizer at the end. The furnace chamber is equipped with water-cooled cast front and rear arches. The front arch is stepped and the rear arch is herringbone, so that the coverage of the arch is close to 85%, which is conducive to the combustion of bituminous coal. Large block type chain grate is used to realize mechanical combustion. It is equipped with a blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and a slag dispenser to realize mechanical slag discharge, with complete control and monitoring instruments.

Coal-fired boilers are very popular in coal-rich areas, and the overall operating cost of coal-fired boilers should be lower than that of other fuel boilers. The modern ferrochrome smelter in Zimbabwe needs industrial boilers to provide a stable heat source for the metal smelting process. Through multi-channel research, the purchasing manager of this smelter finally selected ZOZEN Boiler as the coal fired boiler supplier for the Zimbabwe smelter.

ZOZEN Boiler DZL series coal-fired steam boiler structure adopts a unique water and fire tube three-return design, which fundamentally solves the problem of tube plate cracking in pure fire tube boilers and ensures the safety and stability of boiler operation. At the same time, the boiler fire tube uses high-efficiency heat transfer element threaded flue tube, the heat transfer coefficient is 1.8 times higher than that of ordinary flue tube, which effectively strengthens the heat transfer effect and makes the thermal efficiency of the boiler as high as 82% or more.

DZL coal-fired steam boiler

DZL coal-fired steam boiler

This series of steam boilers are shipped in one package, which has the advantage of easy installation and saving investment in infrastructure. After the boiler components are transported to the site and put in place, they can be put into operation by connecting pipes, valves, flue ducts and control lines. After running this DZL series coal-fired boiler for a period of time, the customer said that this boiler has high thermal efficiency, sufficient steam output and less steam with water, which meets our heat demand. Moreover, the boiler has a high degree of automation, which effectively reduces human operation errors and is a recommended product.

Different customers buy boilers with different demand points, some of them pay attention to the operation cost, some of them pay more attention to the boiler supplier qualification and project experience, ZOZEN, as a manufacturer focusing on industrial boiler industry for more than 30 years, each boiler is strictly inspected and free customized boiler system solutions are provided from the customer’s perspective. If you have any needs for industrial coal-fired boilers, please feel free to contact our online customers on the right, or directly through email or WhatsApp. For example, this customer from Shandong paper mill may be more interested in the cost factor, so coal-fired boiler is undoubtedly a better choice, and our sales engineers are more than happy to help you solve the problem.

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