Exploring Wet Back Boiler from ZOZEN Boiler

January 2, 2024

Part 1: The Concept and Importance of Wet Back Boiler

Wet back boilers are a groundbreaking design in industrial heating systems. Unlike dry back boilers, this kind of boilers features a water-surrounded furnace section, eliminating the separate smoke chamber. This design promotes increased heat transfer surface area, ensuring optimal heat exchange between the flue gas and water. With enhanced efficiency, wet back boiler plays a pivotal role in industrial applications.

The importance of wet back boilers lies in their ability to deliver efficient and reliable heat transfer. By maximizing heat exchange, these boilers effectively convert energy into usable heat, minimizing energy waste and reducing operating costs. The boilers find extensive application in chemical factories, textile mills, and other industries that require large-scale heat output.

ZOZEN WNS series gas steam boiler

                                   ZOZEN 6-ton WNS series gas steam boiler

Part 2: ZOZEN Boiler’s Market Advantages in Wet Back Boilers

ZOZEN’s WNS series gas steam boilers incorporate condensing economizers, utilizing the residual heat in the boiler’s flue gas to elevate the inlet water temperature while reducing the exhaust gas temperature. This intelligent design maximizes heat utilization, achieving thermal efficiency of over 98% and ensuring optimal boiler performance.

Threaded Smoke Tubes:

ZOZEN Boiler‘s pioneering research has led to the development of threaded smoke tubes. Manufactured using automated spinning processes, these tubes optimize the groove depth and pitch to minimize flow resistance and maximize heat transfer coefficient. Compared to conventional smoke tubes, we enhance boiler efficiency by 1.4 times, enabling businesses to achieve cost reduction and increased productivity.

Wide Range of Applications:

ZOZEN’s WNS series wet back boilers have successfully served various industries, including Modern Farming, Antu Yili, Baixiang Food, Ringpu Biotech, and other renowned enterprises. Additionally, ZOZEN has fostered international collaborations with countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, and Hungary, demonstrating our commitment to industry expertise and global partnerships.

Environmental Sustainability:

The WNS series wet boilers from ZOZEN Boiler are environmentally friendly, employing advanced low-nitrogen combustion technology and burners. By optimizing the combustion process, these boilers achieve ultra-low emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) below 30mg/Nm³, fully complying with domestic regulations and standards. This ensures a greener and sustainable production process for our customers.

Comprehensive After-sales Service:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond product delivery. ZOZEN’s professional after-sales team is available 24/7, with a hotline ensuring a response time of within 2 hours and offering free maintenance services for up to 12 months. Our worry-free after-sales service guarantees peace of mind and reliability when using our products.

Efficient Production Processes:

The WNS series boilers benefit from advanced process equipment and standardized production, enabling efficient and scalable manufacturing. This allows for prompt delivery and professional installation guidance, ensuring correct setup and operation. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training to equip customers with the knowledge to operate and maintain the boilers correctly.

Wet back boiler has revolutionized the industrial landscape, providing efficient and reliable heat transfer for various applications. ZOZEN Boiler’s market advantages, exemplified by the introduction of the WNS series boiler, further reinforce the position as a leader in this field. ZOZEN Boiler continues to push the boundaries of wet back boiler technology, empowering industries with optimal heating solutions.

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