Exploring Types of Boilers Used in Industry

December 22, 2023

Boilers play a pivotal role in the industrial sector, providing essential heat and steam generation for a wide range of applications. Understanding the significance and diverse uses of different types of boilers used in industry is crucial for efficient and reliable operations in various industries.

With over 30 years of experience in boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN has developed a wide range of types of boilers used in industry and specifications, including gas boilers, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers, and etc. These boilers have found extensive applications in industries such as chemical, food, brewing, heating, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and rubber industries.

Oil/Gas Boilers:

Oil/gas boilers are widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. At ZOZEN Boiler, we offer a range of oil/gas-fired boilers, including SZS water tube boilers and WNS fire tube boilers.

The WNS series of fuel oil/gas boilers from ZOZEN Boiler incorporate a condensing economizer, which effectively utilizes the residual heat in the flue gas to increase the feedwater temperature while reducing the exhaust gas temperature. This innovative design achieves energy savings of over 98% and ensures highly efficient and reliable boiler operation.

The WNS series boilers are designed with advanced low-nitrogen combustion technology and low-nitrogen burners. This optimization of the combustion process enables the boilers to achieve ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions below 30mg/Nm³, complying with domestic regulations and standards. ZOZEN’s commitment to environmental sustainability ensures that industrial processes can be carried out in an eco-friendly manner.

ZOZEN Boiler employs state-of-the-art production processes to manufacture the WNS series boilers. The use of automated manufacturing techniques, such as precision spiral fin tube production, results in optimized heat transfer and enhanced thermal efficiency. These advanced processes ensure the durability, longevity, and high performance of the boilers.

Types of boilers used in industry -- ZOZEN WNS series boiler

               Types of boilers used in industry — ZOZEN WNS series boilers

Biomass Boilers:

Biomass boilers are gaining popularity due to their sustainable and eco-friendly nature. They utilize renewable biomass fuels such as wood chips, straw, and waste materials to provide clean energy for industrial processes.

ZOZEN has developed biomass boilers, like the DZL series biomass-fired horizontal type boiler, with optimized furnace arch, wall, and heating surface structures. These designs ensure high combustion efficiency and evaporation rates. Our biomass boilers have NOx emissions as low as 100mg/Nm3 and achieve thermal efficiencies up to 88%.

Coal-fired Boilers:

In certain regions, coal remains a primary source of energy. ZOZEN Boiler’s coal-fired boilers, such as the DHL series, combine efficient combustion with advanced flue gas treatment technology, ensuring cleaner and more environmentally friendly coal burning.

Professional After-Sales Service:

ZOZEN Boiler provides comprehensive after-sales service to its customers, apart from types of boilers used in industry. This includes professional installation guidance, operational training, and prompt technical support. With a dedicated after-sales team available 24/7, ZOZEN ensures that customers receive the necessary assistance and maintenance services to keep their boilers running smoothly. The company offers a worry-free experience, with a 12-month free repair service and a rapid response time of within 2 hours.

In summary, ZOZEN Boiler offers various types of boilers used in industry. Our oil/gas, biomass, and coal-fired boilers cater to specific industry demands. Trust in ZOZEN Boiler’s expertise and commitment to delivering superior industrial boiler solutions.



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