DZL Horizontal Chain Grate Boiler in Kenya

January 14, 2021

DZL horizontal chain grate boiler adopts flue gas three return designs, the boiler adopts automatic feeding mode feeding, automatic slag, saving time and effort. This kind of coal-fired boiler is very popular in many countries such as Pakistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar and so on. Coal-fired chain grate boilers include coal-fired steam boilers, coal-fired hot water boilers, mostly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, printing and dyeing, textile, clothing, building materials, hotels, hospitals and other production, heating and bath, is very widely used.

dzl horizontal chain grate boiler

dzl horizontal chain grate boiler

DZL series package boilers are horizontal three return water and fire tube chain grate boilers, burning medium quality bituminous coal. The boiler body is longitudinal arrangement of a single cylinder, the cylinder is arranged in the convection heating surface, the cylinder and the water wall on both sides of the furnace radiation heating surface, combustion equipment using light chain grate; Whole quick packing form factory. Electric control grate stepless speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and chain protection.

What is the coal consumption of a 4 ton chain grate boiler? Coal consumption of coal chain steam boiler = boiler production heat ÷ thermal efficiency ÷ coal calorific value, coal consumption in one hour of 4 tons coal fired boiler =2400000Kcal÷80%÷5000Kcal/kg=600kg. Boiler running at full load, 24 hours a day coal consumption =600kg×24=14400kg. ZOZEN 4 ton coal-fired steam boiler used in Senegal edible oil factory can produce 4.5 tons of steam in one hour when the boiler is running at full load. With sufficient output, the coal consumption for generating 1 ton of steam is 130kg, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Users are very satisfied with the test data.

ZOZEN Boiler focuses on the innovative research and development of chain grate, and has obtained a number of patented technologies. It has realized the high efficiency and low emission of DZL series coal-fired steam boilers, the thermal efficiency has been improved to more than 82%, and the NOx emission is less than 100mg/Nm3. DZL series chain grate steam boiler for a single cylinder longitudinal arrangement, the first in the domestic use of arch tube plate and threaded pipe structure, threaded pipe for the ZOZEN boiler for many years of research on efficient heat transfer elements, after continuous optimization, its heat transfer coefficient is 1.8 times higher than the ordinary pipe, increase the heat conduction. In terms of manufacturing technology, ZOZEN boiler adopts pre-expanding for the smoke tube and tube plate to eliminate the gap between the tube and tube plate, and then adopts the welding technology of argon arc automatic welding to effectively eliminate the stress and prolong the service life of the boiler. The high quality boiler products of ZOZEN Boiler have become the most popular industrial boilers in the feed industry.

4 ton dzl coal-fired boiler

4 ton dzl coal-fired boiler

The coal fired boiler fuel produced by ZOZEN is widely applicable to all kinds of coal such as bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lean coal, lignite and so on. At the same time, special grate pieces are selected to ensure the smooth operation of grate; Combustion air system (base) adopts independent compartment and scientific sealing structure; Reasonable air conditioning device to achieve precise air distribution, improve combustion efficiency. If you need to purchase boiler feel free to contact us!

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