Differences Between Thermal Oil Boilers and Steam Boilers

October 8, 2020

Thermal oil boilers refers to the equipment used in the industrial heat exchange process with organic heat carrier or hot medium oil as intermediate heat transfer medium. Generally, with coal, oil and gas as fuel and thermal oil as medium, a hot oil circulation pump is used to force the medium to carry out liquid circulation. The heat energy is transferred to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace for reheating. It has a high working temperature under low pressure and can carry out high precision control work on the operation of the medium.

yyw thermal oil boilers

yyw thermal oil boilers

Steam boiler refers to the combustion of fuel to release heat energy, and through the process of heat transfer, heat transfer to feed water, water into a certain temperature and pressure of steam heat exchange equipment. The use of steam boiler is very wide, in production and life are playing a very important role. Industrial steam boilers can be used for heating, bathing, production, disinfection, drying and other purposes. Steam boilers are needed in the food industry, petrochemical industry, and production enterprises, washing and ironing industry, machinery industry, biological chemical industry, food industry and so on.


Designed and manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler, the steam boiler and thermal oil boilers are also used as heat transfer equipment and are commonly used for drying, cooking, sterilizing and sterilizing pulp and paper in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, and printing and dyeing industries. Compared with the steam boiler between the two is more saturated steam, steam temperature and boiler pressure is proportional to, the higher the temperature, the higher the pressure; The design pressure of thermal oil boiler is generally 0.8Mpa, and the outlet temperature of heat transfer medium is about 300 degrees.

thermal oil boiler for sale

thermal oil boiler for sale

The Difference Between Thermal Oil boilers and Steam Boiler

  1. First, the steam boiler heats water into steam. The boiler takes water as the medium, and the heat-conducting oil boiler takes heat-conducting oil as the medium.
  2. Thermal oil has high heating efficiency and low fuel consumption. Although the price of thermal oil is higher than that of water, the thermal oil furnace can achieve the purpose of uniform heating by means of liquid phase under lower pressure, which cannot be achieved by steam boiler.
  3. Thermal conductivity oil furnace safety factor is higher, equipment and process requirements are basically the same as steam boiler, boiler overall investment cost is lower.


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