Coal-fired Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier in Pakistan

October 1, 2020

Coal-fired thermal oil boiler adopts circulating oil pump to force liquid phase circulation, and then the heat energy is transferred to the thermal equipment and then returned to reheat. Coal-burning thermal oil furnace is widely used in petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, plastic rubber, papermaking, petroleum, synthetic fiber, wood-based board, fiberboard hot-pressing molding, drying, nonstop steaming and other industries. YLW series boiler manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler co., Ltd. is a heat carrier boiler developed on the basis of chain grate, which can be used as high temperature heat source for various temperatures below 350℃ and can provide high temperature and low pressure heating for textile enterprises in dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing and other processes. At the same time, this series of boilers can achieve accurate temperature control through advanced oil temperature, oil pressure control system; greatly improve the utilization of heat energy, to meet the actual needs of textile enterprises.

4000KW thermal oil boiler

4000KW thermal oil boiler

The Characteristics of Coal-fired Thermal Oil Boiler

  1. Can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.
  2. Stable heating and accurate temperature can be obtained.
  3. Thermal efficiency is maintained at optimal levels under all levels of load.
  4. Heat is transported by liquid phase, and the pressure of the heat carrier is 70 times lower than that of the saturated steam of water at 300℃.
  5. Equipped with complete operation control and safety monitoring devices.


As a supplier to GAP, ZARA and other world famous clothing brands, Kay & Emms products are popular in the global market. Kay & Emms has decided to upgrade and expand its fabric finishing line and equipment to ensure high performance standards and quality stability. In September this year, Kay & Emms and ZOZEN Boiler reached a cooperation agreement on YLW series coal-fired thermal oil boilers. ZOZEN YLW series boiler is a heat carrier boiler developed on the basis of chain grate, which can be used as the high temperature heat source for various temperatures below 350℃, and is suitable for various working scenes requiring high temperature heating or drying.

Coal fired Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier

Coal fired Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier

According to the characteristics of local coal used in Kay & Emms, ZOZEN boiler has improved and optimized the design of grate arch of combustion equipment. At the same time, the setting of several independent air silos and damper can realize the uniform and full combustion of coal and improve fuel efficiency. The body part of ZOZEN YLW series coal-burning boiler adopts the advanced structure form, optimizes the radiation heating surface, and reduces the formation and emission of flue gas and dust in the combustion chamber; In the aspect of furnace body insulation, ZOZEN boiler uses high quality insulation materials and special construction technology to reduce heat loss as much as possible. And scientifically set up an effective ash cleaning structure, convenient boiler maintenance, and operation and cleaning. What’s more, this series of boilers can not only achieve high temperature and low pressure heating, but also achieve accurate temperature control through advanced oil temperature and oil pressure control system, greatly improving the utilization rate of heat energy, and meeting the practical use requirements of Kay & Emms.


As a large industrial boiler manufacturing enterprise, ZOZEN boiler has more than 30 years of experience in boiler design and manufacturing, with 6 series and more than 400 types of boiler products. The thermal efficiency of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers reaches more than 98%, higher than the average level of the same industry. According to the customer’s local environmental requirements and usage requirements, select the appropriate fuel and customized boiler system solution for the project.

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