Biomass Boiler Manufacturers in Bangladesh

October 15, 2020

The rapid development of the world economy has led to the continuous reduction of coal, oil and other disposable energy sources. Biomass boiler manufacturers have developed DZL series industrial boilers, an environmentally friendly boiler fueled by renewable resources such as straw, sawdust, rice husk, palm shell and animal excrement. As it can efficiently apply and transform these renewable energies, it is the most economical, environmental friendly and practical boiler product at present. Renewable biomass energy has been paid more and more attention by various countries.

20 ton biomass fired boiler-manufacturers

20 ton biomass fired boiler-manufacturers

The main working principle of biomass steam boiler is to transfer the heat released by biomass fuel combustion to the water in the container, which is converted into certain pressure steam thermal equipment. Boiler in the “pot” and “furnace” two parts at the same time, after the water into the boiler, the boiler heating surface in the soda system will absorb the heat transfer water, so that the water to generate steam, thus be led out of the application. In the combustion equipment part, the fuel combustion continuously gives off heat, the high temperature flue gas generated by combustion transfers the heat to the heating surface of the boiler, but the temperature of itself gradually decreases, and is finally discharged by the chimney.


In general, biomass-fired boilers also discharge solids, the composition of which is mainly ash. The emission of SO2 is less than 33.6mg/m3, and the emission of soot is lower than 46mg/m3. Compared with the traditional boiler, it has been very environmental protection. According to the national regulations on air pollution emission, the emission standard of boiler SO2≤100mg/m3, and the emission standard of boiler soot ≤100mg/m3, biomass boiler obviously meets the national requirements.


What is the fuel consumption of 1 ton biomass-fired boiler? When operating at full capacity, a 1-ton biomass boiler can provide 600,000 kcal of heat for production or domestic heating water. Operating at full capacity, the boiler needs 180 kilograms of biomass fuel for one hour, or about 180kg. The above is only the theoretical data; the actual fuel consumption is determined by the boiler thermal efficiency, fuel calorific value and the actual operating conditions of the boiler.

szl 10 ton biomass-fired steam boiler

szl 10 ton biomass-fired steam boiler

The Advantages of Biomass-fired Boilers

  1. High calorific value and full combustion. Biomass molding fuel is 50-1000 calories higher than the original calorific value, the calorific value is between 3200 calories and 5280 calories, the combustion temperature is as high as 1060℃, can completely replace coal, is a high volatile solid fuel, the combustion rate of more than 95%.
  2. Than heavy, long burning time. The straw is crushed, pressurized and formed with a density of 0.9-1.4g/cm3. The volume of the formed product is only 1/30 of the original straw, which greatly extends the burning time and is 10-15 times of the original straw of the same weight, making it easy to store and transport.
  3. Abundant and renewable resources. At present, China’s agricultural biomass straw production has exceeded 700 million tons, abundant resources, equivalent to about 350 million tons of standard coal, equivalent to seven Shendong coalfields, if fully utilized, can reduce 850 million tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 1/8 of the national carbon dioxide emissions in 2007, has a strong environmental protection advantage. Conservation and protection of resources, renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, inexhaustible.
  4. Wide application. Biomass fuel is widely used in living, decentralized heating, bath centers, industrial boilers for industrial coal, fuel shortage opened up a new way.


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