Basic Knowledge of Industrial Boilers

December 13, 2019

What are the standards for boiler chlorine and alkalinity?

Boiler chlorine root, there is no control standard, but, we can determine, to get the specific value. Thus, to indirectly control the total dissolved solids content in boiler water. As for, its alkalinity standard, it is the design pressure that concerns with boiler. So, even if the boiler is designed to have the same capacity, if the steam pressure is designed to be different, then the alkalinity standard is not the same.

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Why do you use salt to soften the water when you burn the boiler?

This is because, in the boiler water, generally contain a variety of impurities, such as calcium, magnesium and salt. And, contain more calcium salt, magnesium salt, and hardness is higher. So, if used directly, then it will lead to boiler scale, thus blocking the heat conduction and so on. Furthermore, the energy consumption in the boiler is increased. So, want to undertake to soften treatment to boiler water, in order to avoid afore-mentioned problem.


Why do some gas boilers smoke and some do not smoke?

About this question, then the main, is to see whether the boiler has dust removal equipment, and dust removal equipment whether the wet dust removal. If horizontal gas boiler, the tail flue temperature is too high, it will produce water vapor, so, should use the dust collector. However, if the boiler’s air distribution regulation is not appropriate, or if the air overheating coefficient is too large, then the phenomenon will occur.

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For the boiler, the above specific elaboration and explanation, for all of us, especially learners, is required to grasp firmly in time. Otherwise, will affect the learning effect, and then, affect the boiler actual use effect. Therefore, cannot be careless treatment, so as not to bring problems or trouble, let their gains and losses.

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