60 Ton Biomass Boiler is Environmentally Friendly and Widely Used

January 19, 2020

It is understood that biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source. Because its net emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during combustion are close to zero, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect, it has attracted increasing attention from countries around the world.


biomass boiler for industry


Biomass energy has the following characteristics: (1) renewable; (2) low pollution (biomass sulfur and nitrogen content is low, SO2 and NO2 produced during combustion are low, and net biomass carbon dioxide emissions when biomass is used as fuel The amount is close to zero, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect); (3) Wide distribution. Therefore, using biomass fuel as an alternative energy source has great benefits in improving the acid rain environment in the atmosphere, reducing the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, and thus reducing the “greenhouse effect”.


biomass boiler


Biomass boilers are specially designed with biomass fuels. John Energy has developed high-temperature gasification and staged combustion biomass boilers after continuous experiments and research. The boilers adopt high-temperature gasification and staged combustion methods and have the following advantages:


  1. The biomass boiler uses high-temperature oxidative combustion technology and classified air distribution, which can make the initial NOx concentration in the flue gas <50mg / m³;
  2. The sulfur content of biomass fuel is low, and it can meet the national standard without using a desulfurization device;
  3. The biomass boiler uses a fixed water-cooled grate, which is simpler and more durable than a chain grate, and the failure rate and maintenance costs are greatly reduced;
  4. The thermal efficiency of biomass boiler is 10% -20% higher than that of chain grate boiler.

ZOZEN Boiler Group is committed to the field of thermal energy and is in a leading position in the boiler industry. The company’s independently developed high-temperature gasification staged combustion technology can also be applied to boiler reconstruction to save costs for enterprises to a large extent. If you have a boiler if you have any questions, please call John Energy Conservation and we will be happy to help you.

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