6 Ton Biomass-fired Boiler in Indonesia

October 27, 2020

Biomass-fired boiler is a popular green environmental protection product, not only because of the environmental performance of the boiler, but also in the relatively low operating costs, wide fuel sources, etc. As a renewable and environmentally friendly energy, biomass has low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and low NOx and SO2 content after combustion. The ash content in biomass is generally very small, so the soot content is very low after full combustion. At the same time, biomass combustion process has the characteristics of CO2 ‘0’ emission.

biomass fired steam boiler

biomass fired steam boiler

Classification of 6 Ton Biomass Boiler

  1. According to the different medium of export, it is divided into biomass steam boiler and biomass hot water boiler, which provide steam for steaming and drying, and hot water for heating and bathing respectively.
  2. According to the different way of factory divided into package boiler, assemble biomass boiler and bulk biomass boiler. Generally used for central heating, urban residents in winter heating, domestic hot water supply process.


SZL series biomass-fired boiler produced by ZOZEN adopts the vertical arrangement of double boiler barrel, and the combustion mode is the chain grate suitable for burning biomass molding solid fuel. The water wall on both sides of furnace chamber adopts membrane water wall structure. The water wall pipes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace grate to form front and rear arches. After the furnace for the combustion chamber, convection tube bundle, the tail has economizer. The flue gas passes through the furnace, burnout chamber, convection tube bundle and economizer into the tail flue, and is discharged into the atmosphere through dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney. The front wall is equipped with secondary air, controlled by the valve, which is put into use when burning biomass fuel, intensifying combustion, making fuel burn out fully and improving combustion efficiency. A higher feed inlet is used to meet the demand for biomass fuel.

6 ton biomass-fired boiler

6 ton biomass-fired boiler

6 Tons Biomass-fired Boiler Advantage

  1. Make enough effort and stay the same. High-efficiency heat transfer threaded pipe is adopted, and the thread depth is strictly guaranteed, the smoke speed is selected reasonably, and there is no ash accumulation in the threaded pipe during long-term normal operation, so the boiler output and thermal efficiency do not decrease with the extension of operation time.
  2. Small size and low investment. Because of the use of high-efficiency heat transfer screw pipe and the elimination of the tail heating surface, the boiler length and the same tonnage compared with other furnace type significantly reduced, and the boiler height is significantly lower, so the shape size is the smallest, boiler investment reduced by 30%
  3. Sudden power failure without special protection. Due to the adoption of mixed circulation and large water capacity, it is not necessary to take special protective measures when the power is suddenly cut off, so as to prevent the damage caused by the vaporization of the heating surface and the medium of the pot shell.
  4. Practical guarantee of safety and reliability. The structure of the tube-shaped tubeplate and the threaded pipe is used to reduce the thermal stress of the pipe area obviously. The backwater ejecting technology of the lower header makes it impossible for the water-cooling wall and high-temperature tube plate to burst or crack.


Wuxi ZOZEN boiler is industrial boilers manufacturer who develops and manufactures boiler in more than 30 years, supplying 2-75 tons of biomass-fired boilers, with SZL, DZL and DHL series of biomass boilers, making them the most cost-effective boilers. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, with over 13,350 project case sites.

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