5 Tonnage Fire Tube Boiler with Natural Gas

July 8, 2022

The 5 tonnage fire tube boiler can use natural gas etc. as fuel and has the advantages of compact structure, highly automated operation and high thermal efficiency. The 5 ton natural gas steam boiler produced by ZOZEN is WNS series. The complete steam boiler system includes boiler body, burner, control cabinet, water pump, water treatment equipment, chimney flue, etc. According to the actual steam demand of industrial production, the auxiliary parts can be adjusted accordingly.

fire tube boiler with natural gas

fire tube boiler with natural gas

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving gas boilers adopt a large furnace chamber design, which increases the diameter of the furnace chamber and increases the radiant heat exchange area of the furnace chamber, so that the heat exchange of the boiler is mainly radiant heat exchange, which not only reduces the heat exchange burden of the second and third returns, but also allows the fuel to be fully burned and reduces the amount of harmful gas generation. ZOZEN’s condensing gas boilers all adopt corrugated furnace liner, which not only increases the overall strength of the furnace liner, but also automatically compensates for the thermal expansion and contraction stress of the furnace liner, avoiding defects such as cracked welds caused by thermal stress changes in the tube plates. Therefore, they are highly adaptable to different fuels.

WNS series gas boiler gas consumption is related to the future development cost of enterprises, so customers pay more attention to industrial gas boiler gas consumption when purchasing boilers. Usually, ZOZEN boiler production of 5 tons of gas over boiler gas consumption per hour about 360 cubic meters, boiler fuel consumption and thermal efficiency, fuel calorific value has a great relationship, so this value can only be used as a reference, the specific need to consult the boiler manufacturer.

5000kg gas fired steam boiler

5000kg gas fired steam boiler

Textile industry is dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing are inseparable from the support and cooperation of steam boilers. Choosing low-cost environmentally friendly fuel steam boilers is the first choice for textile manufacturers. ZOZEN has customized 5 ton gas steam boilers for textile industry customers, garment factories, chemical fiber factories, sizing factories, cotton textile factories, printing and dyeing factories all need steam boilers.

There are many factors affecting the price of WNS5-1.25-Q model gas steam boiler or the price of a complete set of equipment, such as by the price of raw materials, brands, auxiliary equipment configuration and other multi-important factors. ZOZEN, as a professional industrial boiler equipment manufacturer, constantly improves the manufacturing process level and manufacturing equipment to ensure the quality and safety of each boiler in use. Welcome to contact online customer service, email zhulin@zozen.com, WhatsApp +86-13506151292 to get more boiler details and quotation.

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