5 Tonh Steam Boiler Price for Rice Mill

August 1, 2022

The 5 ton/h steam boiler price reasonably that developed, manufactured and sold by ZOZEN, the steam boilers are of high quality and equipped with auxiliary equipment of well-known brands, so customers can use them with confidence. The WNS series oil gas boilers are ZOZEN’s star products and have many successful cases in various industries. So far, the WNS series steam boilers are still in stable operation in customers’ production projects, and customers have given very high praise to ZOZEN’s products and services, saying that ZOZEN boilers are a reliable industrial boiler manufacturer.

Industrial oil gas steam boilers are used not only in rice mills, but also in textile factories, food processing plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, feed factories, etc. As long as steam is needed in the production process, industrial steam boilers are needed. ZOZEN produces low pressure oil gas boilers with capacities from 1 to 110 tons, including more than 400 models of boiler products. ZOZEN production base adopts 80% digital production and advanced production equipment, which effectively reduces the errors caused by manual operation and ensures that each boiler is a high-quality product.

5000kg natural gas steam boiler

5000kg natural gas steam boiler

The packaging plant’s 5 ton 1.6 MPa steam boiler provides a stable heat source for the drying process of the packaging production line, effectively helping the company to improve the production efficiency of corrugated boxes, color boxes, paper trays and display racks. The packaging plant customer is re-purchasing ZOZEN’s boiler for the second time, which shows that the customer’s recognition of the ZOZEN brand, both in terms of product quality and overall service, is highly appreciated, which is why they chose ZOZEN again as their 5 ton steam boiler supplier.

Biodiesel processing reactions such as settling, esterification and decolorization require industrial steam boilers as heating equipment. The purchasing manager of the enterprise found ZOZEN boiler factory through the internet, and after detailed communication with ZOZEN technical team and inspection of the boiler production base, the customer decided to purchase ZOZEN’s WNS series 5 tph fire tube boiler with rated pressure of 1.25 MPa. This WNS series automatic oil gas boiler allows the company to guarantee the production of heat supply.

condensing oil gas fire tube boiler

condensing oil gas fire tube boiler

WNS series condensing steam boiler has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, high output, strong load adaptability, high automation, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is an ideal high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-pollution green environmental protection product. The boiler is equipped with a burner with good technical performance and adopts advanced technologies such as automatic proportional adjustment of combustion, automatic adjustment of feed water, program start/stop, fully automatic operation, etc. It also has automatic protection functions such as high and low water level alarm and very low water level, super high steam pressure and flame out.

The 5 ton steam boiler is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized production enterprises to meet the different production needs of customers. ZOZEN has advanced industrial boiler production process level to guarantee each product is of high quality, and our professional engineers can also customize boiler system solutions according to customers’ needs, welcome to contact us through online customer service, email, WhatsApp and other ways to consult.

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