5 Ton Fire Tube Steam Boiler on Sale

September 29, 2020

5 ton fire tube steam boiler, also known as smoke tube steam boiler, including oil, gas, coal, biomass and other fuels such as industrial boilers. Flue gas in the steam boiler is three return flow, so also known as three return steam boiler. The flue gas after combustion flows in reverse in the fire Jane, which is the first return trip. The flue gas flows to the front of the furnace through the flue gas box on the left and right side of the flue gas pipe, which is the second return trip. After the smoke is collected in the front smoke box, the smoke pipe that enters the upper part of the fire tube flows backward, that is, the third return journey, and is finally discharged into the chimney by the induced draft fan through the economizer.

5ton fire tube steam boiler

5ton fire tube steam boiler

ZOZEN produces 5 ton fire tube steam boiler with WNS series gas fired boiler. ZOZEN boiler specially introduced CNC high-speed plane drilling and a complete set of Milling cutters from Germany for tube plate processing, which greatly improved the processing precision of tube hole and the surface finish of hole, and created good conditions for subsequent processing technology such as expanding tube.


WNS natural gas fire tube steam boiler is a kind of automatic, safe and efficient heating equipment. This oil-gas boiler is quickly installed in the bedroom with three-return fire tube boiler. It has compact structure, small size, strong load adaptability and low requirements on water quality. This boiler adopts the boiler biliary wet back structure, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good sealing, large radiant heat transfer area and high heat transfer efficiency. WNS series boilers are widely used in industrial production and processing, such as textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, clothing industry, paper industry, wood industry, etc., and can also be used for central heating of enterprises, hotels, hospitals, civil buildings.


The sale of gas fired boiler has the advantages of full combustion, no pollution emission, easy operation and simple installation. This industrial boiler has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, large output, and strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe operation, and reliable operation and so on. It is an ideal environmental protection product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution.

30ton szs gas fired steam boiler

30ton szs gas fired steam boiler

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fire Tube Boiler

  1. The fire tube boiler adopts wet-back boiler shell structure, large water volume and drum space, steam output and stable pressure, can be applied to users applicable process of various load sudden change.
  2. High adaptability to water quality, low requirements, no need for chemical treatment.
  3. The processing technology of fire tube steam boiler adopts advanced NUMERICAL control technology to reduce assembly stress and prolong the service life of the boiler.
  4. Disadvantages are slightly large volume, high manufacturing costs, working pressure generally cannot be higher than 2.5Mpa.


We are a high quality boiler manufacturer dedicated to providing professional boiler services to our customers. Oil-fired boilers are widely used and operate safely and stably. Our boiler products are exported to Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia and more than one hundred other countries.

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