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April 8, 2020

The 30 ton biomass steam boiler needs to ensure a suitable amount of air and air supply to make the fuel burn fully, the biomass fuel particle size is relatively uniform, the combustion conditions are relatively stable, and it is easy to control; the combustion of particulate fuel is mainly the combustion of volatile matter Ventilation volume ambassador The temperature in the furnace is reduced, and the rate of volatilization analysis is relatively stable. At the same time, the lower furnace temperature can greatly reduce the generation of NOx. The ash of biomass pellet fuel itself contains Ca2 +, Na +, K + and other ions. These ions easily form a slag layer during the combustion process, and the softening temperature of the ash is low. Therefore, the characteristics of the fuel itself determine the characteristics and degree of slagging.

30 tons biomass steam boiler

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Q: How much is a 1 ton 2 ton biomass boiler?
A: The specific price of the boiler varies according to the size of the boiler model. The first thing is to determine what capacity boiler you want to buy.

Q: What does a ton of biomass boiler mean?
A: 1 ton of biomass boiler means that the biomass boiler can produce 1 ton of steam per hour. The gas output of this boiler per hour is the biomass boiler which can burn one ton of steam per hour and 1t = 600,000 kcal.


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Q: How much steam does a biomass boiler produce per ton of biomass
A: This involves many aspects, such as the calorific value of biomass, the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and the complete combustion status. Under normal circumstances, the calorific value of biomass is 4200 / kg, and the thermal efficiency is 80%. 4200X1000X0.8 = 3360000. One ton of biomass is put into the boiler to remove heat loss to obtain 3360000 calories. One ton of steam requires 600,000 calories, 3360000 ÷ 600000 = 5.6 tons of steam.

Q: How much is a ton of fuel for biomass boilers now?
A: There is a difference between this fuel and the region. Products with the same calorific value can differ by more than 300 in southern China and inland cities; what I can tell you is that the current market price of most biomass pellet fuel invoices in southern China It’s around 1150 yuan.

Q: Is the price of a ton of biomass fuel cheaper than a ton of coal?
A: Biomass shaped fuel, no pollution, low energy consumption and low price. If only the market price of fuel is considered, the price of coal on the market is now cheaper than the price of biomass fuel. How to comprehensively consider energy saving and environmental protection, then the overall cost of using biomass fuel is lower than that of coal fuel.

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