2Ton 10 Bar Coal Fuel Steam Boiler

May 7, 2022

The 2ton 10 bar coal fuel steam boiler models manufactured by ZOZEN are DZL2-1.0-All, DZL2-1.25-All, DZL2-1.57-All or DZL2-2.45-All, with rated evaporation capacity of 2 tons steam per hour and rated pressures of 1 MPa, 1.25 MPa, 1.57 MPa and 2.45 MPa respectively. This DZL series coal-fired boiler is a quick installation chain grate boiler, featuring quick installation, compact structure and small footprint. This steam boiler has large internal space in the furnace chamber, high thermal efficiency of the boiler, intelligent operation of the product, safe and stable performance and low operating cost in starch factory, textile factory, food factory, feed factory, garment factory, beverage factory, meat product processing factory, chemical factory and construction material processing.

2 tph coal fule steam boiler

2 tph coal fule steam boiler

ZOZEN 2 tons coal-fired steam boiler with advanced technology and reasonable boiler design is a product of high quality and stable operation. Compared with ordinary coal-fired boilers, it is safe, reliable, sufficient output, high efficiency, and has good environmental protection and energy saving effects. For enterprise users, it has significant economic and social benefits. 2 tons chain grate boiler combustion equipment adopts light chain grate; the whole fast-assembled form ex-factory, electrical control to achieve stepless grate speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and chain protection.

DZL Series Coal Steam Boiler Used in Indonesia Food Industry

After multi visits, the head of this project of New Hope Group was very satisfied with all aspects of ZOZEN boilers. After the communication and negotiation, ZOZEN boiler sales manager recommended DZL series coal-fired steam boiler for the customer, which is a single cylinder longitudinal arrangement, compact structure, and the whole quick-assembly form of the factory, easy to install, can save a lot of infrastructure investment for New Hope.

In terms of welding process, ZOZEN boiler adopts advanced submerged arc automatic welding process for both longitudinal and annular seam welding, and conducts 100% radiographic flaw detection on the weld seam to ensure the welding quality. The welding of fume tube and tube plate adopts pre-expansion first to eliminate the gap between tube and tube plate, and then adopts the welding process of argon arc automatic welding, which can effectively eliminate stress and prolong the service life of the boiler.

accessories of coal fired boiler

accessories of coal fired boiler

At the same time, ZOZEN Boiler has achieved high efficiency and low emission of DZL series steam boilers through the application of several patented technologies in chain furnace. Its thermal efficiency can reach 82% and NOx emission can be lower than 100mg/Nm3, which not only improves the combustion efficiency, but also reduces the operation cost and pollution emission of New Hope Group.

It is the continuous innovative research and development, advanced production technology and strict quality management system of ZOZEN Boiler that have made ZOZEN Boiler what it is today. Not only in Indonesia, but also in more and more countries and regions, ZOZEN boilers have appeared and made a splash in many industries such as paper making, chemical, food, rubber, textile, printing and dyeing. Just in the near future, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to achieve leapfrog development driven by technological innovation.

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