2500kg/h Steam Boiler Cost in India

March 6, 2020

Because of the different uses of boilers, the types also vary greatly. Boilers that provide hot water are called hot water boilers, which are mainly used in daily life. There are also a small number of applications in industrial production. The boilers that generate steam are called steam boilers, which are mostly used in thermal power stations, ships, locomotives, and industrial and mining enterprises. Most of them are now common in hotels, baths, aquaculture, chemicals, and processed foods. There is something wrong with the flame inspection system of environmental protection boilers. The flame inspection system mainly includes flame monitors and amplifiers. Gas boilers are more common boiler methods. Compared with other boilers, gas boilers are easier to operate and easier to manage. Steam boiler equipment is a relatively complicated project. The cost of a 2500kg / h steam boiler in India is affected by the following:


2020 cost steam boiler in india


Gas boiler equipment is a question that requires attention. Improper operation during the process of the equipment may cause the boiler to appear. For this reason, it is necessary to comment on the difficulties and countermeasures in gas boiler equipment. Gas boiler equipment is a relatively complicated project.


1. The correct amount of steam

For any heating process, the correct amount of steam must be provided to ensure that sufficient heat can be provided. Also, the correct amount of steam can prevent product damage or productivity loss. In order to obtain the required amount of steam, the steam load must be calculated correctly and the steam pipes must be selected correctly.


2020 steam boiler in india


2. The correct pressure and temperature

The pressure at which the steam reaches the point of use should reach the required value, so as to provide a suitable temperature for the process; otherwise the performance of the process will be affected. Proper selection of piping and attachment diameters will ensure this. If the steam contains air or other non-condensable gas, although the pressure gauge shows the correct pressure, the saturation temperature corresponding to the pressure cannot be reached.


3. Air and other non-condensable gases

Steam pipes and equipment start with air. Even if the system is full of pure steam at the last moment, the steam will condense when the system is shut down, and the resulting vacuum will air. When steam enters the system, it pushes air to the point of discharge or the farthest point from the steam inlet. Therefore, the trap installed at the discharge point should have sufficient air exhaust capacity, and an automatic air exhaust valve should be installed at the farthest end of the pipeline.


4. Steam and air is a mixture of steam and air. Due to the presence of air, the temperature of the steam will be lower than the actual saturation temperature. The total pressure of the mixed gas is the sum of the partial pressures of the mixed gases. This is called the Dalton partial pressure theorem. Partial pressure is the pressure generated by each component filling the entire mixed gas space. Note: This is a thermal relationship. All pressures must be expressed in absolute pressure Bara.

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