20 Lac Kilocalorie Thermal Oil Heater Price

March 22, 2022

What is the price of 20 lac kilocalorie thermal oil heater? Heat-conducting oil boiler has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, which is a new type of ideal heating equipment in petrochemical, grease material, building material industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries. ZOZEN can produce three types of thermal oil boilers including oil gas fired thermal oil boilers, coal-fired thermal oil boilers and biomass-fired thermic fluid heater, with rated thermal power ranging from 1400kw to 29000kw, and can customize boiler system solutions for customers according to actual usage requirements in production. From ZOZEN’s experience in serving domestic and international projects, 2 million kcal thermal oil boiler is the more common type of boilers.

2 million kcal gas firing thermal oil boiler

2 million kcal gas firing thermal oil boiler

The 20 lac kilocalorie thermal oil heater project is used in the flour production line, such as cooking, drying and concentration sterilization process links, flour production belongs to the food industry, the industry attaches great importance to production health and product safety, the boiler in the entire production line to provide high-quality steam, to provide a strong guarantee of product quality. With rich service experience in the food industry and professional technical level, the customer decided to choose ZOZEN as the heat-conducting oil boiler supplier and purchased a YY(Q)W-1400-Y model gas thermal oil boiler.

YQW series heat-conducting oil boiler has compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy installation and operation, fast heating and heating up, no environmental pollution, etc. With automatic temperature control by computer, high working temperature can be obtained at lower working pressure. The horizontal gas-fired thermal oil boiler made by ZOZEN adopts advanced technology, with high thermal efficiency up to 88% or more, heating temperature up to 320°C, and stable operation at low pressure (0.8Mpa). This boiler comes out as a whole, and after it is delivered to the project site, it only needs to be connected to the gas and electric pipes before it can be put into operation, effectively saving installation time.

Tanzania coal fired thermal oil heater

Tanzania coal fired thermal oil heater

YLW series coal firing thermal oil boiler consists of upper body and lower chain grate, which is shipped as a whole, easy to install and transport, and saves cost. In addition, the boiler is capable of overload operation, and the thermal efficiency can be maintained at the best level under various loads, which is very practical boiler equipment. The boiler is designed to be fueled by a variety of coals such as bituminous coal and lignite, and has high thermal efficiency, making it highly efficient and energy-saving boiler equipment that is widely used in various industries in the industrial field.

Usually, the purchase of thermal oil boilers will not just buy a boiler body, but also need to configure the corresponding auxiliary accessories. In fact, the price of the boiler body is not a big difference; the auxiliary machine configuration will directly affect the price of the boiler. At the same time, different boiler manufacturers’ production process, market demand, etc. will also have an impact on the price of boilers. Therefore, to get a specific boiler quote, you can directly provide the boiler capacity, pressure and other related parameters to the boiler manufacturer for consultation. ZOZEN Boiler will provide specific quotation information at the first time of receiving customer demand, and all prices are ex-factory.

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